A green future for Mondi Świecie

A green future for Mondi Świecie

Mondi’s modernisation plans for Świecie mill are on schedule. Investments to deliver environmental benefits and greater energy efficiency.

The Green Świecie project at Mondi’s containerboard mill in Poland is one of the packaging and paper Goup’s largest ongoing investments. The state-of-the-art facilities are being installed in two modernisation steps to improve the mill’s environmental performance.

“Once complete, the upgrade will enable Mondi Świecie to achieve greater energy efficiency and ultimately become 100% self-sufficient in electricity. Green Świecie is expected to reduce the mill’s CO2 emissions at the same time, further contributing to our corporate commitment to sustainable development,” says Maciej Kunda, Managing Director Mondi Świecie SA.

State-of-the-art green energy project

Green Świecie Phase I is a €166 million investment scheduled for completion this year. It includes the installation of a new recovery boiler and turbine (both in service already), and the replacement of two coal-fired boilers with a biofuel boiler. Mondi will also be investing €94 million in Green Świecie Phase II, which is scheduled for completion in early 2017. This investment will significantly increase the mill’s paper production capacity, ensuring full utilisation of the recovery boiler.

Outlining the project’s benefits and green credentials, Maciej Kunda explains, “Thanks to these investments, Mondi Świecie will be able to enter a low carbon energy generating era and be able to increase its supply of green energy to the grid. In addition to increasing the efficiency of energy generation, the new recovery boiler will emit significantly less dust than the original unit. All biofuel boilers obtain part of their fuel from by-products of the pulp process and residues from forestry operations, with the addition of sawdust and agricultural by-products resulting in low-carbon electricity.”

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