PROMOTECH: SICK’s analysis and metering solutions for enhancing the sustainability of paper mills

The paper industry plays a significant role in the global economy, boasting a turnover exceeding 700 billion dollars worldwide, with Italy alone contributing 13 billion dollars and employing over 100,000 people. However, paper production does entail a certain environmental impact, which raises concerns regarding the sector’s sustainability. These concerns include gas and dust emissions into the atmosphere, water pollution and waste management.

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Over the years, the paper industry has demonstrated a commitment to enhancing its environmental sustainability. This commitment is reflected in investments aimed at improving production processes and the adoption of various technical solutions. Notably, the industry has seen a continuous growth in recycling rates, which itself makes a significant contribution to sustainability.

When addressing atmospheric emissions, common solutions include transitioning to cleaner fuels, such as natural gas, utilizing renewable energy sources, implementing more efficient filtering systems and closely monitoring their performance.
Additionally, optimizing process water usage and focusing on energy efficiency have become crucial aspects.

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Paper mills are energy-intensive operations, relying heavily on electricity, steam and heat. Natural gas is a primary energy source, particularly for steam production.

Monitoring natural gas consumption presents a valuable opportunity for paper mills to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs. This monitoring involves identifying areas of waste, tracking consumption trends over time and accounting for variations in operating conditions.
This process allows for the identification of inefficient machinery or systems, heat losses and general energy misuse. It also enables the planning of targeted efficiency improvements. By improving energy efficiency, paper mills can simultaneously lower energy expenses and bolster competitiveness and profitability – all without compromising their commitment to reducing environmental impact.

PROMOTECH has consistently collaborated with Sick in the paper mill sector, working to analyze the problems and address the needs of its customers. The available technologies allow for precise and continuous monitoring of natural gas consumption, thanks to the adoption of SICK’s intelligent gas meters, FLOWSIC. These meters are reliable in both fiscal and process versions, easy to install and adapt to existing systems, and can collect data from various points in a production facility. They can detect anomalies and ensure constant control over measurement quality, thanks to their significant diagnostic capabilities. Other SICK solutions can also help in this pursuit of efficiency, for example, by monitoring compressed air consumption with specific FTMG sensors or by monitoring the performance of baghouse filter systems with DUSTHUNTER SP30 dust meters, offering optical performance at a tributary cost. The monitoring of emission control systems is supported by the GM32 and GM700 online analyzers, which allow for optimal control of both the NOx reduction system and the SOx scrubber. This enables a reduction in reagent and energy consumption while ensuring high pollutant removal performance in the emitted air effluents. In addition to solutions that enhance pollutant reduction systems, SICK, our company can assist in the transition with customized QAL1-certified CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems) for continuous emissions monitoring. We also provide support services and performance monitoring through the analysis of vital parameters of meters and analysis systems.

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The implementation of these and other measures can certainly have a significant impact on the progressive increase in sustainability, a requirement that is becoming increasingly clear and fundamental in the latest European directives. For years, Promotech has been collaborating with Sick in the paper industry to develop tailored solutions for its clients. It also serves as a Sick distribution center with qualified staff constantly undergoing training. In addition, it has a large warehouse stocked with various brands and products specific to the paper industry and beyond.

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