A Valmet supplied high consistency bleaching system started up in Sweden

A new high consistency bleaching system was started up according to plan at Rottneros pulp mill in Sweden on September 19, 2016. The start-up was smooth and the 48 hours test run was approved.

A Valmet supplied high consistency bleaching system started up in Sweden

The bleaching system is the first step in a larger rebuild project, called Agenda 500, at the mill. The goal is to increase both availability and the total production volume of Rottneros two pulp mills to reach a capacity of 500,000 ton per year.

“The check-out and start-up of the plant went beyond expectation, as you want it to do, and we have already been able to lower the peroxide charge. We are very satisfied with the equipment we have bought and it looks promising for the future. We will now continue to ramp up production,” says Jan Viper, Project Manager at Rottneros mill.

“This has been a great project, well organized by Rottneros. Having all instruments and surrounding connections prepared made a fast start-up possible. Commissioning took only three days. When we started the project, the time table was very tight, but in the end we were actually ahead of schedule. This is the first installation of the FKC screw presses in Europe, so this is a good reference case for us,” says Lars-Olof Larsson, Project Manager at Valmet.

About Valmet’s bleaching system for mechanical pulp

Bleaching is part of the pulp production process. In bleaching the brightness of the pulp in a mechanical pulping line is increased by peroxide. The new bleaching system consists of a chemical mixer and a bleaching tower, two washing stages with screw presses, and medium consistency pumps. Before the bleaching tower the pulp is washed and pressed to a high consistency. Bleaching in high consistency gives an effective bleaching reaction and less chemicals are needed.

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