UPM joins WWF Earth Hour: concrete actions and long term responsibility targets

UPM joins WWF Earth Hour: concrete actions and long term responsibility targets

UPM joins WWF’s Global Earth Hour 2016 climate event by turning off the lights at the Biofore House in Helsinki, Finland.

“WWF’s Earth Hour reminds us all of the importance of every day’s actions in climate change mitigation,” says Päivi Salpakivi-Salomaa, Vice President, Environment and Responsibility”.

UPM builds its climate change mitigation and adaption actions on three main pillars. We aim to ensure that our most important raw material – wood – grows in sustainably managed forests, which, again, act as carbon sinks. We promote high biodiversity value ecosystems that are less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Resource efficient operations and constantly increasing use of renewable and low emission energy are our key drivers in production. On top of all, our products are renewable, recyclable and act as carbon sinks. They are also an endless innovative source for new businesses and products that can replace non-renewable materials with renewable.

“We updated our 2030 responsibility focus areas and targets in 2015. On the climate agenda we aim to reduce the fossil CO2 emissions from own combustion and purchased electricity by 30% and the acidifying flue gases by 20%. On the forest 2030 agenda we have set a target to use only certified wood in our production,” Salpakivi-Salomaa lists concrete actions.

UPM has participated WWF’s Earth Hour for many years already. We have active co-operation with WWF in several countries. For example, we have a long-term versatile co-operation with WWF Finland in promoting sustainability of wood-based liquid biofuels and sustainable forest management as well as protected areas networks in Finland.

Earth Hour is a world-wide event organised by WWF. It inspires people all over the world to show their support for climate work.

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