UPM BioVerno diesel receives the Finnish Key Flag Symbol

UPM BioVerno diesel receives the Finnish Key Flag Symbol

The outstanding properties of UPM BioVerno, UPM’s renewable wood-based diesel, received yet another acknowledgement when it was granted the Finnish Key Flag Symbol. The Key Flag Symbol can be granted to products that are manufactured in Finland and have a domestic origin degree of over 50 per cent.

UPM BioVerno diesel is produced only in Lappeenranta, Finland. The renewable diesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly when compared to fossil diesel produced from imported crude oil. UPM BioVerno is a high-quality fuel that has been proven to suit all diesel engines as well as traditional diesel fuel.

UPM BioVerno’s degree of domestic origin (i.e. percentage of Finnish expenses in the total cost price) is well over 50 per cent—for example, most of the raw material used in the production is Finnish crude tall oil that UPM gets from its pulp mills as a residue.

“As the operating environment becomes more and more international and the selection of goods grows, the origin of products and services becomes increasingly important for consumers. Finnish consumers appreciate domestic origin, reliability, quality, sustainability and safety. The Key Flag Symbol signals all of these things, and it is an honour for us to associate it with the UPM BioVerno diesel,” says Sari Mannonen, Sales & Marketing Director at UPM Biofuels.

The 50-year-old Finnish Key Flag Symbol is very well known in Finland: over 90 per cent of consumers know the symbol well.

“The importance of domestic origin has increased among consumers last year and as many as 94 per cent say that the Key Flag Symbol has a strong or fairly strong impact on their purchase decision”,  says Reetta Mentu, Brand Manager of the Finnish Key Flag Symbol.

“It is great to get UPM BioVerno –diesel for our Key Flag Symbol user, as the product employs people in Finland in many sectors. UPM’s investments in Finland create new jobs thus they increase the well-being in the society.  The construction of the biorefinery alone has employed nearly 200 persons for two years, and a ready-made biorefinery employs 50 people directly in Lappeenranta and some 150 persons indirectly. In addition, the product development of UPM BioVerno has been made in Finland, too”, Mentu continues.

UPM BioVerno will be available within the next few months as the bio component of regular diesel fuel in the Finnish service station chains St1 and ABC.


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