Segezha Group joined the Boreal Forest Platform

Segezha Group (part of «Sistema» JFSC) - one of the largest Russian forest industry holdings with the vertically integrated structure and a full cycle of logging and added-value wood processing - supported the Boreal Forest Platform.

Segezha Group joined the Boreal Forest Platform

BFP is an open exchange platform for forestry companies and forest management authorities operating within the Boreal forests of Russia that frame legislative instruments and regulations for sustainable forest management.

Joining as a 13th member of BFP, the Group of companies demonstrates its commitment in preserving ecological and social value of forest. Segezha Group is keen to share its expertise in sustainable forest management with account for WWF requirements, stands ready to participate in panel discussions on initiatives and proposals generation for legislative development, industry growth strategy as well as mainstreaming social-economic and environmental priorities.

Sergey Pomelov about the environmental business operation

“Segezha Group values its reputation of the responsible forest user and works diligently towards environmental business operation, – the president of Segezha Group, Sergey Pomelov, reiterates, – in an endeavor to harmonize intensive production operation with the environment, we are consistently engaged in reforestation and preservation of the forest biodiversity balance”.

The Group’s end products are environmentally preferable, compliant with standards and therefore are completely life and health friendly. The Sustainability report issued by the Holding regularly informs the public of all the aspects of corporate social responsibility, including amongst others social welfare and environmental stability. Segezha Group is confident that compliance with international environmental requirements upscales its competitive performance, strengthens its business and public image, thus driving up the Group’s equity value.

The Boreal Forest Platform is currently supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), FSC Russia, The Ministry for Natural resources and the Environment of the Republic of Karelia, V. N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg Forestry Research Institute and the Russian leading forestry companies.

Segezha Group is one of the largest Russian forest industry holdings with the vertically integrated structure and a full cycle of logging and added-value wood processing. The holding comprises Russian and European enterprises in the forest, wood processing and pulp and paper industries, as well as paper packaging. The geography of the Groups’s branches encompasses 12 countries. The production facilities are located in 8 countries, including 6 regions of the Russian Federation. The company’s products are exported to 87 countries across the world. The staff headcount of Segezha Group totals 13.000 people. Segezha Group is the largest forest user in the European part of Russia with the total area of forest lease of over 7 million hectares (MHA). 95 % of products is certified.

In 2016, the complex afforestation area will exceed 21,000 hectares. Segezha Group ranks: № 1 in Russia (52% ) and № 2 in Europe (16,5%) for paper sack production, № 1 in Russia (71%) and № 4 in Europe in terms of high-quality unbleached sack paper production , № 5 in Russia and the world’s № 7 for large-sized birch plywood production, № 1 in Russia for sawn timber production – 904 thousand cubic meters per year, and № 1 in Russia for glulam house sets – the volume stands at 2,5 thousand cubic meters per year. The output of glulam wooden structures amounts to 58 thousand cubic meters per year.

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