Gomà-Camps introduces the first recycled tissue paper with compostable packaging on the market

Gomà-Camps introduces the first recycled tissue paper with compostable packaging on the market

Gomà-Camps’s commitment to sustainable materials and optimal use of resources continues with the launch of the first recycled tissue paper with compostable packaging. The company is strengthening its position in the global market – in particular, in retail – with the launch of my tissue ecologic+.

The recovered paper used as the raw material to produce my tissue ecologic+, which is made by Gomà-Camps at its own facilities, is designed to extend the lifecycle of paper, while its 100% compostable packaging is certified as entirely biodegradable, suitable even for home composting. This combination of attributes makes this a unique product on the market and a good example of the application of the circular economy.

my tissue ecologic+ will arrive on Spanish supermarket and department store shelves in June with plans for the range to be made available in around 800 points of sales over the course of the summer. Although the range will have a stronger presence in the Community of Madrid and southern Catalonia, it is hoped that it will eventually be sold throughout the Iberian Peninsula and France.

Maties Gomà-Camps, Gomà-Camps CEO, considers the new range to be a shining example of the important role companies have in sustainable development, demonstrating how environmental issues are indispensable when reaching out to the more conscious and responsible consumer. “my tissue ecologic+ reaches out to an environmental awareness among consumers that is as urgent as it is necessary. We can help consumers participate in a revolution in which small, everyday decisions – such as choosing one product over another – have a positive impact on the environment.”

Strategic boost for the circular economy

The company’s mastery of the complex recycled paper manufacturing process, which requires the latest technology and continual investment in R+D, means that Gomà-Camps can offer a recycled range with a very high level of whiteness (achieved through a mechanical process that avoids the use of toxic substances), softness, absorbency and dispersion. For these reasons, my tissue ecologic+ looks and feels almost exactly the same as standard cellulose.

One of the main innovations offered by tissue ecologic+ is its compostable packaging produced using water and cellulose from responsibly managed forests – without the use of plastic. Certified for “100% home compost”, it can also be broken down in organic waste since it decomposes within 5 to 7 weeks. This packaging is nevertheless transparent and maintains the same high standards of manufacturing, transport and logistics used in conventional packaging to date.

The recycled fibres used to manufacture my tissue ecologic+ have been recovered from an area within 500 km of Gomà-Camps’s facilities to ensure a low impact on the range’s carbon footprint. Over its whole lifecycle, my tissue ecologic+ recycled tissue paper produces half the CO2 emissions per kg of standard tissue, as well as offering a low use of resources, with 20% energy savings compared with standard tissue and 50% of the sector average water use.

“Sustainable development has been an essential part of the company’s strategic plan for decades, and today it is present at all levels of the company. This is, in fact, the very core of our strategy. Our recycling is also an example of sustainability and the circular economy”, says Maties Gomà-Camps.

The Tarragona-based group’s efforts focus on improving production processes and optimizing both resource consumption and waste management. “We believe that optimizing our consumption of natural resources such as energy and water is vital.  Environmental management is an integral and fundamental part of our activity. That is why we are committed to improving quality in this area by investing all resources necessary.” In short, it is Gomà-Camps’s goal to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment to the greatest extent possible.

Currently, recycled paper accounts for one third of the Gomà-Camps Group’s sales, a figure that the company’s management wants to progressively increase. Gomà-Camps is present in Portugal, France and Morocco. It exports more than 20% of its output and has 34 production lines shared between two operating centres in La Riba-Vilaverd (Tarragona) and Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza).

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