Kairos presents Taurus: the sustainable revolution in project production

author: Susanna Gheri

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Kairos, an Italian company whose main objective is the creation of innovative and sustainable technological solutions for the paper and converting industry, since it was founded, has made research and development its mission, constantly investing in new technologies and ideas to improve production efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities. Kairos’ strategy is based on the continuous search for innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions for its customers.
The success of the company is due to the constant attention to the needs of its customers, to the ability to innovate and to propose customized solutions capable of satisfying every specific request. The company with only two years in the business, has developed a vast network of partners and collaborators, able to guarantee the maximum efficiency and reliability of its products and services.

A lean, agile, accurate, fast service focused on customers’ needs

R&D by Kairos. A new era of technology.
R&D by Kairos. A new era of technology.

Kairos has recently announced that it will launch a new project on the market that could represent a real revolution in the world of paper production and conversion. Taurus, the name given to the project, was conceived as an alternative to traditional production methodologies, based on high energy-intensive processes, which represent an environmental problem and a high cost for companies.
After months of analyses, studies, technical evaluations and tests, Kairos has identified solutions that are closest to the needs of production line users, paying particular attention to production, management and maintenance needs, in addition to the aspect of consumption. This innovative technology allows operators to obtain significant advantages and benefits, including energy savings of over 60% compared to traditional machines, an extremely compact layout (with a space saving of 60%), high flexibility and ease of change panel size and number of panels, as well as low running costs. Taurus is associated with two patents and a third that is pending. The production of this product, although very attractive on the market, brings with it numerous limitations which Kairos has brilliantly solved. Thanks to its innovative technology, Taurus represents a real revolution and innovation in the world of folding.

Innovative equipment and cutting-edge components, compatible and able to optimize the production, whether it is fold and rolls

A true ally in the world of tissue. We are on the side of our planet.
A true ally in the world of tissue. We are on the side of our planet.

The interest aroused by the Taurus project is very high and in the coming months, Kairos will share the stages that will lead to its complete development.
The paper and converting industry represents a sector of great importance for the global economy, but also one of the most problematic from an environmental point of view. Paper production, for example, requires huge amounts of water and energy and can have a significant impact on the surrounding environment. For this reason, the attention of companies in the sector is increasingly focusing on the sustainability and reduction of the environmental impact of their production processes. Focusing on research and development is the only winning strategy for generating new opportunities and keeping pace with the changing production needs of the entire developer/manufacturer/user chain. Kairos, in this context, stands as a partner capable of intercepting and anticipating new opportunities for the tissue market.



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