Billerud’s Sustainability Journey Goes West

Billerud’s Sustainability Journey Goes West
Billerud President and CEO Christoph Michalski.

Earlier this year, BillerudKorsnäs combined with Verso Corporation to create Billerud, a world leading paper and packaging materials company based in Sweden with roots in the forest and paper industry that go beyond 150 years.

“One year ago, we developed a strategic plan with a clear goal of achieving profitable and sustainable growth long term by expanding our cartonboard business in North America,” says Billerud President and CEO Christoph Michalski. “We were pleased to find Verso, a leading paper manufacturer in the US, with assets that can be turned into paperboard”.

“By converting some of legacy Verso’s assets into premium cartonboard machines, Billerud will increase its supply of high-quality and low carbon-footprint cartonboard for end uses such as cosmetics, pharma and healthcare, luxury drinks and confectionary products, among others, to meet the increasing need for more sustainable packaging materials in North America and beyond,” says President of Billerud North America Rob Kreizenbeck.

Sustainable packaging is no longer optional. It’s a must for any brand that wants to future-proof its business. “At Billerud, we are building a future where lighter, stronger, more durable and sustainable packaging is the natural choice because it allows customers to use less packaging material, save costs and reduce the carbon footprint of their packaging,” said Michalski.

Michalski closes, “We believe in challenging ourselves and our customers to constantly improve, because we know that all aspects of packaging can always be made better. This is a mindset we apply to every part of our operations, from responsible wood supply sourcing to the way we develop our materials and the services we provide.”

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