Toscotec fires up its 200ᵗʰ TT SYD

Toscotec fires up its 200ᵗʰ TT SYD

Toscotec has successfully started up its 200ᵗʰ Steel Yankee Dryer at César Iglesias Group’s mill in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. César Iglesias Technical Director, Jesús Feris Ferrús, commented: “Following three months of stable operation, we can confirm that our new steel Yankee dryer is delivering exceptional performances. We registered a 25% reduction of our overall thermal consumption including Yankee and Hoods. The TT SYD’s drying capacity is so high that we could significantly decrease the hoods temperature, thereby saving a substantial amount of energy. We also witnessed a great improvement of our tissue quality, in terms of hand feel and CD moisture profile. This led to an increase in our converting efficiency, which we estimate to be in the range of 10%.”

Since the first TT SYD was started up in the year 2000, this breakthrough innovation has come a long way. Toscotec’s TT SYD was the first Yankee dryer made of steel to come to the global market and it has since outclassed cast-iron Yankees to become the new technological standard of the tissue industry. Since then, TT SYD has had numerous imitation attempts, but none has reached its superior level of performance and the service experience which makes Toscotec the leading manufacturer of steel Yankee dryers worldwide.

With over 220 TT SYDs sold around the globe, Toscotec is by many magnitudes the world leading manufacturer of Steel Yankee Dryers; 200 cylinders currently operating all over the world is a notable milestone. These TT SYDs are running efficiently in more than 40 different countries across 5 continents, including over 110 cylinders in Asia and over 50 in Europe. The US market has only recently opened up to steel Yankees, and TT SYD sales have already reached over 10 units. Out of the top 12 tissue producers in the world, 10 groups have recognised TT SYD’s superior energy efficiency and performance, and installed it at one or more of their production sites. These producers include Essity, APP, Hengan, Sofidel, WEPA, CMPC, Kruger and others who remain confidential.

Last year, Toscotec’s research and development launched the TT SYD’s third generation design. The first and second generation had been developed and continuously improved in 20 years of ongoing research, monitoring, and service of steel Yankees operating under very different conditions all across the globe. This accumulated expertise allowed for the development of TT SYD’s third product upgrade, where the height, width, and pitch of the internal ribs, as well as the shell thickness, attain an optimal geometry to maximize heat transfer efficiency without compromising safety or longevity. Toscotec’s R&D is also focusing on new innovations, including the Defender®, an internal surface treatment that ensures extraordinary resistance against corrosion and erosion. TT SYD’s operation stability, durability, and correct safety coefficient are all guarantees of its safety.

Moreover, in order to optimize the manufacturing process and shorten the delivery period, in 2012 Toscotec set up a manufacturing space specifically dedicated to the construction of its Steel Yankee Dryers. TT SYD Technology Lab is a highly technological and fully integrated 5,000 sqm plant, located just a few kilometers away from Massa’s maritime port, offering the logistical advantage of ensuring easy access to the seaport for large diameter Yankees.

Finally, beside TT SYD design advancements, Toscotec Service team has progressively and continuously upgraded the quality and accuracy of its Yankee dryer services, by relying on Toscotec’s extensive experience – the longest in the tissue industry – of steel Yankee engineering design, manufacturing, and service, in order to achieve optimal performance and infinite life.

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