Runtech to deliver another vacuum system rebuild to DS Smith Kemsley Mill

Runtech to deliver another vacuum system rebuild to DS Smith Kemsley Mill
RunEco vacuum system on Kemsley PM3.

Runtech Systems has received a repeat order from DS Smith Paper Ltd, Kemsley Mill, for a RunEco vacuum system rebuild on PM4. In the rebuild, existing liquid ring pumps will be replaced by four EP600 Turbo Blowers. Delivery also includes detailed engineering, EcoDrop and EcoSep water separators. With the rebuild, PM4 targets significant energy savings and reduction in CO2 emissions.

Ben Jennings, Mill Manager at DS Smith said: “We’ve had a successful collaboration with Runtech Systems in improving the energy efficiency of our PM6 and PM3, and we are looking forward to now achieving great results with PM4. Rebuilding the systems contributes to DS Smith’s ambitious target to reduce Scope 1, 2 and 3 Green House Gas emissions by 46% on an absolute basis by 2030, compared to 2019 levels, and reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

Jussi Lahtinen, Sales Director, Runtech Systems said: “It has been a great pleasure to work with DS Smith Kemsley and now do the rebuild of the PM4 vacuum system. Based on our benchmarking data, Kemsley’s PMs are record-breaking machines for power-efficiency. The investment in the Turbo Blowers on PM3 and PM6 has also reduced CO2 emissions significantly, and this project with PM4 will further contribute to meeting DS Smith’s ambitious carbon reduction targets.”

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, RunEco vacuum system provides a reliable, completely water free vacuum solution. Less energy and no water contribute to lower CO2 emissions and smaller environmental footprint. EP Turbo Blowers are always variable speed and capacity, which allows the vacuum system to be optimized quickly without bleed air and with minimal throttling and expansion losses. With integrated high-speed motor controlled by a frequency converter, rotation speed and vacuum level can be adjusted according to the process requirements.

About DS Smith Kemsley Mil

Kemsley Mill is the largest mill for recycled papers in the UK, and the second largest in Europe. The mill has an annual production capacity of around 820,000 tonnes and is the second biggest recovered fiber-based paper operation in Europe. Kemsley Mill produces Light Medium, the first recycled lightweight paper manufactured in the UK. The majority of the products are converted into board and boxes for packaging. The remaining produce is used for specialist papers. All of the finished paper products are 100% recyclable and sustainably sourced. By continually investing in the latest papermaking technologies, Kemsley Mill can produce the highest quality of papers.

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