De Iuliis C&A to supply four couch roll projects

De Iuliis C&A to supply four couch roll projects

Despite the difficult year due to well known Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020 De Iuliis has been involved in several paper machine modification projects. Some of this projects concerns the wet section with the supply of number four DJM couch rolls. This gave De Iuliis the opportunity to improve his technology knowledge on this critical equipment and show it.

Two of them had been supplied to francophone customer, foresaw the substitution of the old technology couch roll system. The main supply, for Sotipapier papermill, consists of the rebuilding project of the end part of the wire section. A complete inox cantilever structure, new pneumatic drive roll control system, new couch roll with save-all and doctors have been supplied to guarantee the improving of dewatering and the increasing of energy efficiency.

On the other hand De Iuliis is involved in other two modifications at the end of the year on the Italian market.

The first one for Carmignano paper mill, belonging to the SAPPI group. The plant produces up to 100,000 tons/year of paper and employs 230 people. It produces special coated papers in the packaging sector, in the food and non-food , in the beverage and oil label sector. The supply will contribute to improve the paper production, through the introduction of a suction cylinder upgraded with the latest technologies, and with a new tailored vacuum width displayed system.

In the second one, for Cartiere di Trevi, De Iuliis will run the press section rebuilt project in order to reach better paper properties and increase machine runnability. This turnkey order includes new press structure and rolls, new couch roll, vacuum modification and engineering of the whole supply. Erection and start-up assistance with final commissioning will ensure a complete package for this important rebuild.

All De Iuliis team will follow and take care to the results of these projects to consolidate his strong position on paper machinery market with the purpose of increasing the number of machine rebuilt projects in 2021.

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