Clearwater Paper to upgrade its Lewiston mill

Clearwater Paper to upgrade its Lewiston mill

Clearwater Paper recently announced that it will begin construction of its continuous pulp digester project at the company’s pulp and paper mill in Lewiston, Idaho.

Construction of the project is slated to begin in October 2015 and expected to be completed in September 2017. Benefits from the project include significant reduction in air emissions, improved pulp quality and production, and more efficient utilization of wood chips (i.e. more pulp from the wood fiber Clearwater Paper uses).

“After many months of detailed review and reaching a multitude of milestones, the project is now a reality,” said Jay Backus, Clearwater Paper’s vice president of mill operations in Lewiston. “Getting to this launch point was no simple task, and there is a long list of individuals and agencies that deserve credit.”

Three key goals enabled construction to begin. First, was the authorization by the Nez Perce County commissioners of a partial tax exemption that paved the way for successful authorization and siting of the project in Lewiston. Second, was moving forward with a thorough engineering plan that validated the project’s operational goals and the return on investment. Lastly, was obtaining a permit from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

The Nez Perce County Commissioners believe Clearwater Paper is a very important part of our local and regional economy. “We are pleased to be able to utilize a tool in Nez Perce County that can help strengthen and grow their business and assist the Lewiston facility in remaining competitive for years to come,” said Chairman Doug Havens.

“The leaders and citizens of Nez Perce County and our exceptional employees made it clear that this is the right place for our next major project,” said Linda Massman, president and CEO. “On behalf of everyone at Clearwater Paper, we thank you for the support and for making the Lewis-Clark Valley such a great place to do business.”

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