Start-up of Voith’s first MG paper machine PM 40 in China

Start-up of Voith’s first MG paper machine PM 40 in China

On January 8, the Voith supplied specialty paper machine PM 40 was successfully started up at Sun Paper’s Yanzhou site in Shandong Province, China. The new capacity will further enrich Sun Paper’s product portfolio, and help in strengthening Sun Paper’s leading position with a diversified paper business. The first roll has achieved the market standard with stable quality.

“Sun Paper’s investment in specialty paper aims to enrich and optimize our product structure”, says Mr. Wenchun Wu, Director of Graphic Paper Business at Sun Paper, who is responsible for the PM 40 project. “Voith as the partner is the leading company in the specialty paper segment with advanced technologies. We believe PM 40 will achieve production with higher efficiency, yield and best quality. The start-up of PM 40 is a great success achieved by the sincere cooperation between Sun Paper and Voith.”

Start-up ahead of schedule

PM 40 started up shortly after PM 39, and the two projects were executed by the same installation and commissioning team. The close collaboration between Voith and Sun Paper and considerate planning has led to PM 40’s ahead of schedule start-up. Impressive was that it only took 39 days from I/O test to paper rolled-out.

A transportation challenge was the MG cylinder, one of the key components of the MG paper machine, which has a diameter of up to 20 feet. Extensive surveys and analysis have been conducted to ensure its safe delivery and all equipment arrived sound and timely.

Combination of latest technologies

PM 40 contains Voith’s latest technologies, i.e. the headbox, carbon fiber breast roll with hydrodynamic bearings, innovative Nipcorect™ Fullflex roll, MG cylinder, hood equipment, and soft calender. The Yankee cylinder gives the paper an exceptional smoothness, which is very important for further processing. The Nipcorect™ Fullflex roll is used as a press roll at the Yankee cylinder and allows ideal line load distribution over the whole width. Innovative calendering concept ensures the specialty papers’ final smoothness.

The PM concept has optimum CD profiles, excellent fiber orientation with ideal dewatering capacity, high efficiency, and best quality. With a paper width of 4,800 mm and a design speed of 800 m/min, PM 40 will produce MG paper with a basis weight range of 25-80 g/m².

MG paper developed for the future

While society is calling for less usage of plastic products because of environmental concerns, paper has become one of the best alternatives to replace plastic. Paper is recyclable, degradable and can be reused dozens of times. PM 40 will produce MG paper which is environmental-friendly and serves as a new trend in the transformation and upgrading of the packaging industry. With distinct in design and usage, PM 40 is a tailor-made machine concept in smart combination with a modular system and will achieve an efficient and stable paper production of green products.

As the 11th production line Voith provided to Sun Paper, PM 40 has combined the extensive technical expertise and is making it to one of the world’s most efficient specialty paper machines. Future-oriented, Voith will keep working closely with its customers to build up a more environmental-friendly papermaking process.

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