OMET TV 840 Tronic – top level of automation and efficiency

Efficiency and profitability: here are the trends that today drive innovation in the tissue industry.

OMET TV 840 Tronic – top level of automation and efficiency
OMET TV840 Tronic is a full servo-driven machine.

Research and development are going beyond mechanics, as it becomes more and more difficult to overcome the existing levels of speed, productivity and technical perfection of the parts. OMET has therefore chosen to invest in enhancing the ease of use, the optimization of waste, and the rapidity of set-up operations: with the new TV 840 Tronic, standing at the top level of automation, OMET offers a cutting-edge machine able to anticipate the market needs.

TV 840 Tronic is a high-performance double-lane automatic napkins folding machine line including a wide range of high technology solutions: it is the ideal solution for profitable converting. Characterized by reliable and robust construction, it can reach a productivity up to 5,600 napkins per minute and a speed of 900 meters per minute, and can be equipped, on request, with flexo printing units up to 9 colors.

The TV840 Tronic, already at the top level of the OMET portfolio, is completely digitalized, equipped with servo motors on each axis, and can be remote controlled by operators or tele-service. The operator panel becomes the control point from which, through the independent servo drives, all machine adjustments are performed in a simple and automatic way involving huge time and waste savings, plus ensuring a better register precision.

A set of cameras send images of the whole line to the operator’s panel, avoiding the need for manual interventions (folding units, transfer unit, embossing station, printing units): all the adjustments, so far done by hand-wheels, now can count on motorized positioners. Furthermore, each group is equipped with a control console on each unit for the management of local settings: ease of use and intuition are the bases on which the entire management of the line is set.

This version of the TV 840 – already in production for several international customers that need an extreme level of automation beyond the maximum reliability and productivity of the line – is characterized by a very high ease of use. Remote control allows higher safety of the operator, higher quality of the work environment, and lower physical and mental stress originating from the management of the machine.

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