Mycorena takes fish feed production from lab to thousands of tons

Their fish feed, made from paper mill´s waste streams, are ready to go from a small lab-production to be produced in hundreds of tons.

Mycorena takes fish feed production from lab to thousands of tons
Ramkumar Nair, Mycorena's CEO and founder.

Mycorena is the first company to get Industry entrance support by the LignoCity2.0-project, to faster be able to scale-up the production and reach the market.

Imagine a circular economy where everything is used, nothing goes to waste. One of the companies that contribute to that is Mycorena AB. They have grown from what started as a research study at Gothenburg University in the late 90s to a start-up company, building their first production facility in LignoCity’s premises in Bäckhammar, Sweden. LignoCity is a test facility focusing on lignin, it is located beside the paper mill Nordic Paper. The mill provide residual currents from the paper production witch Mycorena uses to grow a fungi-based protein.

“The fungus consumes the residual particles in the water to grow into a protein rich material, that can be processed to become feed-protein. At the same time, the water gets cleaned and can be reused in the mill’s production process. So we basically convert the waste-water stream at the industry into a high-value product. And this is one of the most sustainable bioeconomy approach that the paper-pulp industry can get” says Ramkumar Nair, Mycorena’s CEO and founder.

Feed and biomaterials

For now, Mycorena’s main focus is to produce fish feed from the protein, but the future possibilities are wider. “We can also use the fungus that we grow for material production. By adding lignin and a few binding materials to the non-protein part of the fungi, we could for example, create a biocomposite material that can be used for packaging”, says Ramkumar Nair.

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