Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of the Sofidel group, nominated WWF Ambassador

Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of the Sofidel group, nominated WWF Ambassador

The nomination is in recognition of the sustainability programme undertaken by the Group: from the reduction of emissions to the procurement of cellulose from certified or controlled sources and commitment to education.

The CEO of the Sofidel Group, Luigi Lazzareschi, was today nominated Ambassador for WWF Italy, as part of the ceremony to launch celebrations for the association’s 50th anniversary, held at the ‘Sala Capitolare’ of the Senate of the Republic and attended by President of the Italian Senate Pietro Grasso and worldwide representatives of WWF senior management.

The Sofidel Group is a global leading manufacturer of paper for hygienic and domestic use and is known in Italy in particular for the brand Regina. Nomination of the Group’s CEO as a WWF Ambassador is an important recognition of Sofidel’s commitment to sustainability.

Corporate representatives, chosen “for their sensibility and commitment to environmental issues and support” of the WWF, will be able – according to the association – “to act as spokespersons for the role that the private sector can play in protecting our Planet.”

Luigi Lazzareschi in particular was appointed “for his constant attention to the theme of environmental sustainability and steadfast support of the WWF Climate Savers Programme for the voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable management of forest resources and environmental education in schools.”

Sofidel’s commitment to the environment has already led to significant results such as a 15.7% reduction of direct CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere. This was made possible thanks to investment in improving energy efficiency and the increased use of renewable energy, as well as the crucial use of CHP plants. The result is even more impressive given the energy-intensive nature of the sector in which the Sofidel Group operates: the paper industry.

This commitment to reducing environmental impact is also seen in the evaluation and selection of cellulose supply chains according to the main guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC, FSC Controlled Wood, PEFC, SFI). The percentage of cellulose obtained from certified or controlled sources was almost at 100% (99.7%) by 2014.

As for its role in educating others, the Group has supported and still supports the ‘Mi curo di te! Il gesto di ognuno, per il Pianeta di Tutti’ (Let me take care of you! Individual action for our shared Planet) run by the WWF to raise awareness of big environmental issues which has seen enrolment by over 1,700 teachers and reached over 90,000 students.

“This nomination as WWF Ambassador is a recognition that makes the Sofidel Group extremely proud”, declared Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of the Group. “For us, looking to the future with optimism means working responsibly with commitment and passion every day and protecting the environment around us to guarantee a sustainable future. Because this is a match that we cannot afford to lose.”

The Sofidel Group is the only Italian manufacturer to adhere to the WWF Climate Savers project, aimed at the companies leading the way on low carbon economy reform.

In the picture: from right side Donatella Bianchi, President WWF Italy and Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO Sofidel Group.

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