SAEL rebuilds the complete Paper Mill Machine drive and DCS automation control system at SONOCO Stainland – UK

SAEL rebuilds the complete Paper Mill Machine drive and DCS automation control system at SONOCO Stainland – UK
SONOCO Stainland, UK.

In September 2020, SONOCO Stainland UK, in collaboration with SAEL, have successfully installed a complete machine drive and DCS control system across the wet-end section of its Board Machine. The investment completes the first phase of the Mills wet-end rebuild and capacity expansion project, the final phase of which will be installed in December 2020. Phase 2 will include the installation of a new stock approach system in conjunction with a new forming section.  SAEL will once again provide the machine control DCS upgrade and new MCC inverter equipment.

SONOCO’s decision to appoint SAEL to change the drive and automation system was driven by the objective of consolidating equipment and control philosophy across the process. Sonoco’s Management Team of Phil Woolley and Massimo Basta stated that Sael’s belief of “giving the customer the ONE and only solution for all their challenges” was a key driver in the selection process. The ONE solution not only saves time and money but also provides the most up to date and revolutionary technology existing in the market.

Scope of the project was to supply new cabinets for the AC drive and the reuse of the existing Allen Bradley Drive on dry part; using the reference speed management via an AB PLC in file safe. On the wet part of paper Machine, SAEL installed Platform ONE drives in conjunction with a DCS Scalink to optimally manage the machine and to reduce the costs of spare parts, faults and substitution timing. With Platform ONE drives, SONOCO will have the possibility to keep just ONE electronic card as a spare part. The old electrical cabinets will be completely removed, creating a new long life, completely digital drive and automation system to last.



Included with the new DCS Scalink are two 22-inch screens installed in 2 different engineering stations -with redundancy system integrated- inside the mill.  In addition, new control desks have been installed along the board machine, which provide a completely new prospect and dynamic to the machine Operators and who now have the possibility to control the entire process, from stock approach to the Pope reel.

In the future, it will also be possible to integrate other PLC control loops within the DCS Scalink which will present the opportunity to fully integrate stock preparation, vacuum and steam system controls etc. In this way, we will be able to provide the possibility to gather and control site wide information via one system and ultimately deliver the ability to optimise performance across the entire process.

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