KPA Unicon and Koskisen Oy have signed an operations and maintenance contract

KPA Unicon and Koskisen Oy have signed an operations and maintenance contract

The aim of the contract is cooperation which allows Koskisen Oy to focus on their core business, and to support the achievement of profit targets and the customer’s production targets as well as efficient and well-directed operations and maintenance activities.

As per the contract, a part of Koskisen’s employees will be transferred with their current employment conditions to KPA Unicon.

The multiannual service contract includes operations and maintenance services at the biomass steam boiler plant and biomass power plant. The contract aims at cost-efficiency as well as resource ensuring and continuity. KPA Unicon is responsible for the development of operations and technologies of boiler plants, which help to ensure availability as well as additional capacity and higher level of efficiency.

Markku Koskinen about the operations and maintenance contract

“We have had experience of KPA Unicon’s expertise for a number of years while they have been responsible for the annual maintenance of our boiler plants. By this contract, we are looking not only for cost reduction but also for the development of operations and skilled resources to ensure the boiler plant’s capacity in the future. KPA Unicon with its technology know-how is able to ensure that we get the best output from our boiler plants”, says Markku Koskinen, Managing Director of Koskisen Oy.

“KPA Unicon, being a leader in the technological sector and an expert in boiler plant operations, is able by using own resources to ensure the customer of more efficient use of their investments. This is KPA’s core and we make a big effort to further develop it”, says KPA Unicon’s Sales Manager Timo Valkeinen.

“We guarantee our clients peace of mind, and we are willing to share the risk with them, for example by ensuring a certain availability and efficiency”, says Jukka Pennanen, Director of KPA Unicon Service Oy.

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