Koehler Kehl trusts in Voith’s reliable and proven technology

Koehler Kehl trusts in Voith’s reliable and proven technology

The Koehler Kehl paper mill has awarded Voith the contract for the rebuild of the PM1. The aim of the rebuild is to improve the profile quality of the specialty papers produced and also increase the energy efficiency of the production line. The modifications will also allow production to be stepped up on the PM1 in the future.

The PM1 has been producing carbonless paper and thermal paper since 1988. The scope of the upgrade includes the installation of a MasterJet Pro F/B headbox and modification conversion of the approach flow system.

The MasterJet Pro F/B will be fitted with ModuleJet dilution water technology to achieve optimum basis weight profiles. It is also equipped with lamella technology for optimum jet quality and an edge module as an effective tool for fast optimization of fiber orientation in the event of grade changes or large differences in grammages.

The proven OnQ Profilmatic CD profile controller, which is already operating on the PM1’s DynaCoat coater, is used to achieve better basis weight profiles and minimal settling times in the case of grade changes.

On the MasterJet Pro F/B, energy is saved for example due to the absence of the return pipe on the cross-flow header of the HC line. This reduces the volume flow to the headbox, so that less pump energy is required.

About the approach flow system

The rebuild in the approach flow system comprises the supply of an IntegraGuard screen for both main and dilution water line. The IntegraGuard screen is setting benchmarks for minimal pressure pulsations with maximum screening efficiency. This is primarily the result of the proven combination of C-bar screen basket and multifoil rotor. The conical, eccentric housing ensures that there are no deposits or strings.

Additional energy is saved thanks to the optimized flow concept in IntegraGuard with minimal pressure losses and the switch to a two-stage screening process in the modified approach flow system. Moreover, pulsation measurements in the approach flow system conducted by Voith have shown that in combination with the low-pulsation IntegraGuard screen, there is no need for a pulsation damper in front of the headbox.

The investment in the rebuild of the PM1 therefore helps ensure that the production facility in Kehl for carbonless paper and thermal paper continues to be one of the most modern and economic paper machines of its kind.

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