Klabin starts up first paper machine of Puma II Project

Klabin starts up first paper machine of Puma II Project

Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of paper for packaging and paper packaging, Klabin takes another important step in its growth strategy with the startup of the first paper machine (MP27) of the Puma II Project located in Ortigueira, Paraná, which is its largest investment to date. With production capacity of 450,000 tons, MP27 launches production of Eukaliner®, the world’s first kraftliner paper made 100% from eucalyptus fiber.

The Puma II Project is the result of a R$12.9 billion investment made by Klabin to build two new paper machines, by 2023, with integrated pulp production. The startup marks an important milestone in the Company’s current expansion cycle and reinforces its capacity for sustainable growth combined with technology.

“We sought the most modern technology to, like we did with the Puma Unit, make Puma II a global reference in sustainability, technology and innovation, combined with the principles of Industry 4.0, and guided by the mission of supplying the market with high-quality products to create value for the Company and for society, always aligned with the best health and safety practices and focusing on the development of local communities,” said Francisco Razzolini, director of Industrial Technology, Innovation and Sustainability at Klabin.

To anticipate market transformations driven by new consumer habits and profiles, Klabin took advantage of the diversity of its forestry assets and conducted in-depth research that made the development of Eukaliner® possible, a product patented by the Company and whose production is 100% sold, 70% of which through contracts already signed, serving the domestic and international markets. “Eukaliner® is the world’s first kraftliner paper made exclusively from eucalyptus fiber, an innovative product that combines a series of competitive advantages, including a more robust structure, enabling a reduction in density of up to 10% in corrugated board packaging and higher strength, better printing quality and sustainability attributes, since it uses less resources to produce the same amount of paper,” explained Flávio Deganutti, Paper director at Klabin.

In parallel with the startup of MP27, the construction of the second paper machine of the Puma II Project, whose startup is slated for 2023, already has begun and is following all mandatory health and safety protocols. MP28, with annual production capacity of 460,000 tons, will focus on the production of paperboard and consolidate Klabin’s position as a global producer of paperboard for liquid (milks and juices) and processed foods (cereals, chocolate, pizza, proteins, etc.), personal and home care products (laundry detergent, toothpaste) and multi-pack packaging for cans and bottles, as well as paperboard for the growing food service segment, such as cups and trays, building on the Company’s growth and expansion plans.

The decision on the paperboard machine, which was announced in May 2021, was based on an in-depth assessment of market trends, opportunities and conditions. “The sector is in a prosperous moment, and we think the market will remain strong over the coming years, driven by growing demand for sustainability. Paperboard represents good opportunities for our business, which is integrated, diversified and flexible. It also can be combined with barriers, which have been registering strong growth as an alternative to single-use plastic packaging,” said Deganutti.

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