Ibá: The results for the forest industry

Trade balance for the Brazilian planted tree industry registers a cumulative surplus of US$ 6 billion (+2.3%) as of November 2016.

Ibá: The results for the forest industry

The Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) concluded its analysis of the forestry sector with the compilation of data through November. During the first eleven months of 2016, export volume for the three analyzed segments (pulp, wood panels, and paper) evolved in comparison with the same period last year and contributed to the positive trade balance in the sector, which has reached US$ 6 billion (+2.3%). Pulp made a positive contribution with US$ 4.7 billion (-0.1%), paper added US$ 1.0 billion (+9.7%) and wood panels contributed US$ 220 million (+29.4%).

Exports – From January to November 2016, the pulp sector exported a volume of 11.7 million tons (+11.6%), the paper sector exported 1.9 million tons (+2.5%) and the wood panel sector exported 932,000 m3 (+65.2%).

Export Destinations – Latin America is still the main destination for exports from the paper and wooden panels sectors, accounting for 60.3% (US$ 1.0 billion) and 54.0% (US$ 121 million), respectively. For pulp, the greatest share went to the Chinese market with 37.9% (US$ 1.9 billion), followed by Europe with 33.1% (US$ 1.7 billion).

Export Revenue – In the first eleven months of the year, the sector recorded exports of US$ 6.9 billion (-2.1%); pulp reached US$ 5.0 billion (-1.2%), paper US$ 1.7 billion (-7.3%), and wood panels US$ 224 million (+27.3%).

Production – In the same period, Brazilian pulp production reached 17.1 million tons (+8.5%) and paper remained stable with a total of 9.5 million tons.

Domestic Sales – Paper sales in the domestic market recorded 4.9 million tons (-0.4%) between January and November of 2016, while the wood panels segment recorded more than 5.7 million m³ (-3.3%).

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