Dosing system operating successfully at UPM

Dosing system operating successfully at UPM

Paper manufacturer UPM is using Voith’s FlowJec dosing system at its mill in Augsburg. After six months in operation the results are impressive. Fresh water consumption dropped by 350 m3 per day, while the post-dilution stage could be eliminated completely. Thanks to savings in water, wastewater and energy costs alone, FlowJec has paid for itself within a very short period.

A representative of UPM in Augsburg attended the International Munich Paper Symposium in March 2013 and heard a presentation by Thomas Jaschinski about the new FlowJec dosing system that enables highly precise and homogeneous mixing of chemicals and additives in the approach flow system. While conventional technologies can dispense too high a concentration at the dosing point, the FlowJec dosing system adds exactly the right amount of chemicals at the best place in the process stream. The homogeneous admixing is achieved by first mixing the additives with a process medium in the AddJector dosing nozzles, via which chemicals and additives are introduced into the process stream. Suitable process media are the stock suspension, white water, filtrate or flotation tailings. There is therefore no need to further dilute with fresh water, for example when dosing retention agents.

FlowJec in use at UPM. The UPM representative was impressed by the description of the homogeneous mixing process. He contacted Voith and just a few months later the new dosing system was installed during a scheduled shutdown. Since then, FlowJec has been used in Augsburg to add the retention aid on the PM 3 and has had a 100 percent availability rate. On its PM 3, UPM produces graphic paper grades in the basis weight range 36 – 80 g/m2. Every year up to 400,000 metric tons of paper can be produced. By installing FlowJec, the paper manufacturer aimed above all to reduce fresh water and energy consumption. With the FlowJec dosing system it is generally possible to also dose other chemicals and/or additives like starch and filler at the same time as the retention agent.



Voith made UPM a “Try & Buy” offer, which means that the paper manufacturer could return the system to Voith within the first six months if it was not satisfied with it. “We make the Try & Buy offer to interested customers, but we are very confident that after a few months they will find FlowJec absolutely indispensable,” reports Thomas Jaschinski. And this was also the case at UPM: “After a smooth rebuild, measurable savings and unimpaired paper machine performance, the decision to continue to run the FlowJec was a simple one,” explains Gerhard Mayer, Director of Operations at UPM Augsburg.

Success in numbers. After six months in operation the measured values are convincing. For example, daily fresh water consumption fell by 350 m3, which has a substantial impact on wastewater costs. But there is another positive spin-off for the paper mill: because every day there is 350 cubic meters less cold water to be heated to around 50° C, this also affects energy consumption. The energy output at this point is around 610 MWh/a lower than before installation of the new dosing system. All in all, FlowJec is allowing the paper mill to reduce its annual consumption costs by a six-digit figure. “The cost reduction objectives could be met in full and this is a good step forward towards more profitability,” says Gerhard Mayer. It is also judged a success that quality has remained at least at the same level and the number of breaks on the paper machine have been stable.

At UPM in Augsburg, FlowJec has been operating around the clock, without any malfunctions, since it was commissioned. The promised ease of maintenance is achieved by an integrated cleaning system which automatically flushes through the complete dosing system and specifically, the dosing nozzles. Accordingly, even after hundreds of hours in operation the system still looks clean and flawless. FlowJec can be installed in systems from Voith or other manufacturers.

In the picture: Martin Bassmann (Voith), Gerhard Mayer (UPM), Dr. Thomas Jaschinski (Voith), Karl-Heinz Hannen (UPM) (from left to right).

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