Digital printing for tissue products: Chameleon by OMET

The continuous research and development of integration between the digital printing unit and tissue converting machine has reached a very high standard of efficiency, making this solution even more attractive today for napkin manufacturers.

Digital printing for tissue products: Chameleon by OMET

Chameleon by OMET is the digital printing system that can be integrated in line on a TV 503 machine for the production of napkins and customised placemats. With Chameleon the goal of short-run printing with variable graphics and data is achieved thanks to the ability to print any digital file in a simple PDF format within minutes, using a standard PC installed in the digital printing unit.

Developments in napkin and placemat printing consists in the ability to print products different from one another, fully customised, with no print set-up times and costs. Chameleon changes the production process for napkins manufacturers with regard to printing and the final product customisation.

About the software developed by OMET

The software developed by OMET processes the graphic files according to specific parameters set by the operator and reproduces the graphic subject directly onto the finished product, without any need for a print preview, which means immediate printing with the ability of reproducing variable data!
The variability of the data is a unique strong point available only on Chameleon digital printing unit, which allows the realization of incremental data impression, for example with serial numbers or dates.

With Chameleon costs and times in creating graphically customised products and for small runs are cut down drastically by offering a new perspective for the manufacturer of napkins and placemats in terms of just-in-time delivery and customisation of the final product, adding a value that goes beyond the simple printed napkin.

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