The balance of trade of the forestry industry has a surplus of US$ 5,4%

The balance of trade surplus of the Brazilian planted tree industry totaled US$ 4.9 billion from January to September 2016, recording a high of 5.4% year-over-year (US$4.6 billion).

The balance of trade of the forestry industry has a surplus of US$ 5,4%

Exports – September 2016 YTD, exports values have remained stable compared year-over-year (US$ 5.7 billion); pulp contributed positively with US$ 4.1 billion (+1.3%), wood panels with US$ 177 million (+24.6%) and paper with US$ 1.4 million (-6.4%).

Exported volumes September 2016 YTD were higher compared with the same period in 2015, pulp exports totaled 9.6 million tons (+13.5%), paper achieved the mark of 1.6 ,million tons (+4.7%), and wood panels achieved 734 million cubic meter (+66.8%).

Exports Destination – Having reached the top of the list for the pulp segment this year, China continues to lead, achieving 37.5% of market share (US$ 1.5 billion), followed by European countries with 33.0% (US$ 1.4 billion). Latin-American countries are the leading destinations for paper and wood panel exports, with market shares respectively at 58.0% (US$ 831 million) and 53.6% (US$ 95 million).

About the Brazilian pulp production industry

Production – Brazilian pulp production achieved 13.8 million tons September 2016 YTD, a 7.5% increase year-over-year. Paper production remained practically stable with a slight drop of 0.4%, totaling 7.7 million tons in nine months.

Domestic Sales – Paper sales in the domestic market remained stable at 4.0 million tons. In the wood panels segment, domestic market sales reached 4.7 million m³, 4.9% lower year-over-year.

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