Valmet will supply an automation system for Blue Paper’s new SRF boiler in Strasbourg, France

The delivery is scheduled for early 2018, and process start-up is planned for spring 2018.

Valmet will supply an automation system for Blue Paper’s new SRF boiler in Strasbourg, France
Blue Paper Strasbourg.

“We already use Valmet DNA system to control the major part of our Energy and Paper making processes. It will be for sure an advantage for our operators and maintenance technicians to keep the same DCS environment also for the new SRF plant. Indeed, our know-how and experience of many years with this system, as well as also our good cooperation with Valmet, will be beneficial for the project phase and later on for the ownership of the new process,” says Vincent Muller, Electrical and Automation Manager for Blue Paper, in charge of the new DCS project.

“I am pleased that Blue Paper selected our Valmet DNA for their biggest investment since machine start-up. After the successful project done with the machine rebuilt in 2013, the choice of Blue Paper strengthens us in our partnership and I am proud of the work accomplished by our teams,” says Patrick Rojo, Automation sales account manager, Valmet.

Information about Valmet’s delivery

Valmet delivery will consist of an 800 I/O’s Valmet DNA automation system that will control the new steam production plant: boiler, fuel storage and supply and utilities, with integration to the current Valmet automation system used in the paper mill and communication with the external systems like analyzers and unloading system.

Valmet‘s automation solution is a part of a global EUR 24 million investment. Blue Paper is currently processing to install a new 22 MW steam production plant based on Solid Recovered Fuels that will replace the two gas boilers of the mill, with the output of 30 tons/h of steam.

The project is supported by French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) through the “CSR – Combustibles Solides de Récupération” (SRF) call for projects for which Blue Paper has been selected. Blue Paper is on par with the mill’s strategy to continuously reduce the carbon footprint of its operations and products throughout the life cycle, with the goal to reduce gas consumption by 80% and to produce 40% of the steam needed by its operations. Blue Paper will also contribute to the local circular economy by converting part of local waste into renewable energy together with the waste coming from its own operations.

Valmet DNA automation system is a highly integrated automation system for power plant control and monitoring. In addition to offering a modern DCS system it has integrated turbine control and protection, machine condition monitoring and protection, electrical power distribution, and performance monitoring and reporting. The advanced and integrated solution improves the cost efficiency of the power plant’s operation and simplifies the system maintenance.

About Blue Paper

Blue Paper’s Strasbourg mill produces corrugated case material, and its products are made solely of 100% recovered paper in an environmentally friendly process. Blue Paper SAS was established in 2013 after UPM Kymmene group, previous owner of the Strasbourg newsprint mill, sold the mill to the Klingele Group (Germany) and the VPK Packaging Group (Belgium), who converted the magazine paper mill into one of the biggest plants for the production of corrugating base paper in Europe. The 150 Blue Paper employees can produce over 400,000 tons of corrugating base paper per year.

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