Toscotec achieves 200 TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryers sold worldwide

Only 18 years after the introduction of the first steel Yankee dryer in the market, Toscotec achieved the unheard-of result of 200 TT SYD (Toscotec Steel Yankee Dryer) sold worldwide.

Toscotec achieves 200 TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryers sold worldwide

Building on 40 years of experience in the construction of steel cylinders, in 1999 Toscotec started designing steel Yankee dryers for the tissue industry. In 2000, it launched the world’s first TT SYD. With this breakthrough, Toscotec introduced a major change in the market, which was dominated at the time by cast iron dryers and used steel Yankees only for limited applications on tissue machines. It was the beginning of a technological revolution, which led to the supremacy of steel technology over cast iron.

Although the tissue industry criticized this new technology when Toscotec first introduced it, steel Yankee dryers are now acknowledged as the best drying technology for tissue and have been embraced by all major manufacturers. Toscotec’s innovation tapped into the industry’s need for energy savings in the energy-intensive papermaking process: the use of steel instead of cast iron allowed a reduction in shell thickness that decreases thermal resistance and thus increases heat transfer. The result was higher drying capacity, achieved by increased steam condensation inside the dryer. Data obtained from steel Yankee dryer’s installations confirmed that the heat exchange coefficient and the drying capacity of steel Yankees exceed those of cast iron by more than 30%, given the same dimensions and operating pressures.

Furthermore, Toscotec’s patent technology of head insulation guarantees a further reduction in steam energy loss, an important improvement in drying efficiency.

In October 2012, Toscotec celebrated its 100th TT SYD sold worldwide. This achievement had already proven the scale of this technological innovation and the added value of Toscotec’s design, but the Italian supplier continued pursuing its strive for innovation and launched the second generation of steel Yankee dryers in 2013. This newly improved design increased TT SYD’s grooves in length and width therefore expanding the heat transfer surface, decreased the Yankee’s shell thickness and improved its linear pressure.

In 2017, Toscotec installed the biggest steel Yankee dryer ever used on a tissue machine, TT SYD-22FT with web width 5600 mm, diameter 22 feet (6705 mm). This application represents the result of the successful combination of research, development and targeted investments.

Toscotec’s TT SYD Technology Lab

In December 2016, Toscotec inaugurated the TT SYD Technology Lab, a new technology centre completely dedicated to the design and manufacturing of steel Yankee dryers. Strategically located in the province of Massa Carrara (Italy) near the port, to ensure easy shipping of large diameter Yankees, this fully integrated facility operates assembly, machining and finishing of TT SYD of diameters up to 26 ft.

All new Steel Yankee Dryers in Western Europe are Toscotec-supplied

The Italian supplier sets yet another record, an unprecedented result in the tissue industry worldwide: Toscotec supplied 100% of new steel Yankee dryers currently installed in paper mills in Western Europe. The technology-obsessed European market is testament to the undeniable advantage of TT SYD’s design. For more than 18 years, Toscotec has been the world’s undisputed leader in the supply of steel Yankee dryers, boasting a market share of over 60%.

Toscotec achieves 100 TT SYDs sold in Asia

Toscotec’s achievement in Asia is the result of its flexibility and the capability of its R&D and Engineering departments to develop steam energy-based customized solutions. Focused on the specific requirements of this market area, Toscotec developed a new line of tissue machines and energy recovery solutions, with the lowest possible energy consumptions and the potential for future implementations to increase production. Toscotec’s steel Yankee dryer is at the core of this concept: TT SYD ensures the highest drying efficiency, hence allowing paper mills to cut their energy bill significantly.

As a result, TT SYDs sold in the Asian market exceed 100 units, including Yankee replacements and complete new plants, where they are paired with Toscotec’s Yankee hoods and recovery systems based on the available energy (steam, exhaust from cogeneration, diathermic oil).

YES YANKEE DRYERS: the TOSCOTEC INFINITELife Service for Steel Yankee Dryers

Strong of 18 years of experience on steel Yankee dryers, Toscotec Service team offers a comprehensive package of services for TT SYD, focused on regular maintenance and periodic inspections. The former aims at maintaining optimal performance and ensure their endless life. The latter consists of structural periodic checks aimed at testing and inspecting the conditions of the Yankee’s structural welds, to satisfy requirements from insurance and local authorities.

A team of highly specialized professionals also offers counselling and problem shooting on water/steam quality and treatment, sharing their experience on how to best deal with this sensitive and complex aspect of the tissue making process.


Looking into the future, Toscotec is presently working on the TT SYD-26FT and new ideas are being devised. A great challenge for a supplier with a lustrous past. With a record-breaking 200 steel Yankee dryers sold worldwide under its belt, the Italian company has proved the superiority of its state-of-the-art TT SYD technology in today’s tissue industry.

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