Sael has successfully initiated of the big investment of Cartiera Fornaci in Italy

Sael has successfully initiated of the big investment of Cartiera Fornaci in Italy

Enhancements include the expansion of the new sectional control Water-Cooling, new control panels and management for Steam-Hoods-Vacuum, reconstruction of drying sections, retrofitting of the shoe press, implementation of automatic hydraulic lubrication, complete pulp reject treatment system with deferrization, upgrade on the QCS for thickness and ash control, Out Line automatic laboratory, reconstruction of the consistency control system and the steam fire prevention system for the entire plant.

Lastly, the reconstruction of the control and automation of the T3 cutter. Everything is supervised and managed by the PM1 machine’s redundant DCS solution aimed to the best energy savings. The job started in December 2023, was completed in January 2024, including all the electrical panels wiring back and forth, as well as all cable ducts.

At the Fornaci paper mill, following the excellent results achieved over the years with SAEL in various reconstructions, the company has initiated the expansion of the MC1 drives, the MCCs related to the control of pumps/hoods/actuators for steam, and the management/implementation of the modification on the DCS, of the plant.

The modification, required for the complete restructuring of Steam and Hoods, also involved all the upgrades of the sectional control, where the drying sections has been transformed into a Silent Drive. Given the energy savings, achieved by the Water-Cooling control and to better manage each liquid ring vacuum pump (formerly operated at its maximum capacity), SAEL has implemented an extension of the previously installed DCS by an addition of recipe management for each type of paper to be produced, as much as a new electrical panel containing the 15 command inverters for the pumps regulation.

The “DCS in Drive” (full tags Scalink system), has been expanded to integrate the new additions. In this way, with just a mouse click, the paper mill will set/reproduce all the working setpoints stored during a production run – after automatically saving all the existing settings in the system.

Practically, with a single recipe indexed to the type of paper made/saved, all the adjustments, speeds, setpoints, and controls throughout the paper mill (from the sectional control to steam-hoods and finally to vacuum) will be set exactly as previously configured during a previous production run. From now on, plant operation becomes simpler and more ergonomic, providing operators with powerful diagnostic tools. Maintenance is supported through video messages, system parameter trends, and “Open Source” project software.

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