Runtech delivered RunEco vacuum system delivers world-class energy efficiency at WEPA Italia

Runtech delivered RunEco vacuum system delivers world-class energy efficiency at WEPA Italia
RunEco EP Turbo Blower at WEPA Cassino, Italy.

Runtech Systems supplied RunEco vacuum system has started up at WEPA Italia Cassino TM13. The system comprises of a Turbo Blower, EcoDrop water separator, EcoSep pre-water separator and EcoFlow online dewatering measurement system. RunEco is an energy-efficient, completely water-free vacuum solution.

“The first two months of working of the new RunEco system are confirming the expected savings of approx. 30% compared to previous configuration, bringing the Wepa Cassino vacuum system to a world-class level based on our benchmarking data. The dewatering measurements and installation of control valves for felt boxes and suction press roll will enable further optimization of the operation,” says Leonardo Cavirani, Project Manager, Runtech Systems.

RunEco EP Turbo Blowers are designed to operate efficiently across a wide range of vacuum levels and air flows. EP Turbo Blower is a totally water-free solution with heat recovery potential. With integrated high-speed motor controlled by an ABB frequency converter, rotation speed and vacuum level can be adjusted according to the process requirements. Its compact design makes it ideal for rebuilds and also reduces installation costs.

EcoFlow dewatering measurements measure water flows online accurately and are not sensitive to entrained air or foaming. Measuring dewatering rate enables vacuum level optimization, resulting in maximized sheet dryness after the press section.

About WEPA

The WEPA Group is a future-oriented European family business specializing in the production and distribution of sustainable hygiene paper. WEPA offers sustainable and innovative hygiene solutions that provide a safe feeling of hygiene and contribute daily to the well-being of millions of people. With 4,000 employees, the WEPA Group manufactures hygiene products such as toilet paper, paper towels, tissues and napkins at 13 European sites. WEPA is among the three largest European manufacturers and leading the market in the production of hygiene paper from recycled fiber. Its annual turnover is roughly 1.3 billion euros.

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