Minimize maintenance times (and costs) with the new A.Celli Yankee Dryer – VIDEO

MIAC Tissue Conference 2021 – CLIVE BUTLER / A.CELLI PAPER

The full speech by Clive Butler of A.Celli Paper during the MIAC Tissue Conference, which took place at MIAC 2021 exhibition held every year in October in Lucca (Italy). MIAC is the international paper industry event that sees the participation of 250 international exhibitors of the paper industry sector.

Cost optimization is a crucial factor for a company’s strategy. As for the tissue industry, the purchase and maintenance of a Yankee Dryer represents a huge expense. A Yankee Dryer can last several decades but it is not always convenient to keep using an obsolete one: the latest technologies have allowed the new generation Yankee Dryers that are more productive and weigh less on company budgets, in terms of capital & running costs. The new A.Celli Yankee Dryer, where the shell is manufactured without any structural welds or bolts, is an innovative solution developed by A.Celli Paper specifically to minimize maintenance costs and increase safety, thus allowing companies in the Tissue paper industry to increase the productivity of their plants and achieve all the benefits that derive from this.

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