Metsä Board celebrates winners of Sustainability Award, and Beauty, Healthcare, and Beverages Awards in 2015 Pro Carton ECMA Awards

Metsä Board celebrates winners of Sustainability Award, and Beauty, Healthcare, and Beverages Awards in 2015 Pro Carton ECMA Awards

Four cartons using boards from Metsä Board have won awards in the 2015 Pro Carton ECMA Awards, including the top honour of the Sustainability Award, in a year when the focus was on the unique sustainability of cartonboard. Metsä Board’s products were also used by winners in three categories: Beauty & Cosmetics; Beverages; and Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals.

“We are delighted the sustainability of cartonboard has been recognised across the field, and how it is adaptable to so many innovative ways of bringing consumer benefit, shelf appeal and cost effectiveness to market,” says Mika Paljakka, VP Sales EMEA, Metsä Board. “We would like to extend our congratulations to everyone who participated in the vision, design, and production of the winning cartons.”

The Sustainability Award was presented to Fazer Alku New Mill Products for its cereal box, described as offering a decisive advance in terms of sustainability. The judges praised the design and convenience as well as the high cartonboard ratio that makes the pack ideal for recycling. The carton uses Simcote from Metsä Board.

Winner of the Beauty & Cosmetics category is the Müller Soft Star Tissue Duchesse pack, which uses Metsä Board’s Carta Elega in a round cylinder shape. The judges felt it was highly original in shape and construction, with tremendous impact on shelf. They were also impressed by its tactile soft feel, embossing and textures that gave the pack desirability.

In the Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals category, the winner is the Multipack for Clinical Trials produced for Hoffman La Roche, using Carta Elega from Metsä Board. The judges were impressed by how different bottle shapes and sizes were securely held in place, without the need for foam or other cushioning materials, just clever cartonboard engineering. The effect on sustainability was also considerable, as there is less waste, reduced shipping costs and 100% recycling by using cartonboard as a mono-material.

The winner of the Beverages award is the YO Syrup Carton Sleeve produced for Eckes-Granini – an eye-catching wrap-around design printed on Carta Solida from Metsä Board. It was felt that the protruding ribbon adds a playful touch and acts like a signal never seen before on a shelf of syrup products. The judges commented that it was perfect for the kids target market and a very well thought through structural and graphic design.

The annual Pro Carton ECMA Award competition attracts hundreds of entries, with the jury looking for excellence in design, convenience, brand communication and the major role cartonboard plays as a sustainable packaging material. The winners were announced at the Award Gala on 10 September 2015 held in Bucharest.

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