FPC Tissue achieves great results with Procemex

FPC Tissue achieves great results with Procemex

Modern, high-speed tissue machines require high-production efficiencies that challenge tissue makers. Production levels must maintain design capacity with the option for even higher production levels dependent upon demand.

After start-up, FPC Tissue realized the need to install a Web Monitoring System on their brand new 2000 mpm, 5,6 m wide machine, with cameras targeted in key locations along the machine. The target was to reduce breaks and improve production efficiency. Knowing that tissue is a demanding application for camera systems, all major vendor technologies were evaluated. Procemex was awarded the order due to their long experience with camera technology, proven experience within the industry, and superior service support capabilities.

Project Development

“Procemex was very professional in providing help during the different stages of the project,” said Esteban Neira, Process Engineer at FPC. “Several camera locations were suggested by Procemex, not only for best image quality, but also to be capable to find the root cause of breaks.” The project began with use of a Procemex Piccolo portable camera system, which was a big help for tissue machine production. Soon, FPC saw the need to increase the number of cameras to focus on key areas. A total of eight cameras were installed after the shoe press, at the creping doctor, at the slitter and the reel.

Project execution was well-planned, efficient and avoided unforeseen events and delays. Procemex specialists were constantly available to provide answers to the mill team to prevent gaps in the project. The Procemex Web Monitoring Solution continues to prove its reliability and ease of use to the FPC team. All components are robust and manufactured to the highest quality which is the Procemex standard. The image quality is extremely sharp, despite the high speeds and the harsh, dusty environment of the tissue making process.

Procemex Pinhole Camera at Creping

“The system allowed us to find many of the causes of sheet breaks and helped to develop an effective work plan to eliminate them,” said Mr. Neira. “All unfounded operator myths regarding to causes of breaks have been eliminated. Now we believe that it is impossible to run a high-speed machine without a WMS system.”

“With the Procemex WMS system we managed to reduce breaks by a 60% and increase production efficiency by a 30%,” continued Neira. “Procemex showed a great commitment to FPC since the beginning of the project and up to after sales services, so we want to continue working with them in possible future projects.”

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