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Procemex is a global leader in integrated web monitoring and web inspection solutions – One Platform – in pulp, paper & printing industry.

In addition, Procemex has the capability to provide paper mills with machine vision applications to ensure product quality, manufacturing efficiency and safety in different phases of paper production. The company is a single source supplier to you.

The Procemex One Platform system integrates your efficiency and paper quality needs into one platform:

  • Web Inspection and Monitoring
  • Winder Control
  • Forming Section and Flying Splice Analyzing
  • Mill Wide System Integration
  • Formation Measurement (powered by PTS)
  • Procemex Dirt Count Analyzer
  • Procemex Web Access for Paper & Print Integration
  • Machine Vision Applications



address: Salvesenintie 6, P.O.B. 306, 40101, Jyvaskyla, Finland

phone: +358143372111

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Mika Valkonen

Mika Valkonen

Sales Manager
Jari Keranen

Marketing Manager
Kristiina Pispala

Plant Manager
Niko Niemela