Cascades gives record donation to Centraide Centre-du-Québec

Cascades’ Kingsey Falls, Victoriaville and Drummondville units held an outstanding fundraising campaign to support Centraide Centre‑du‑Québec.

Cascades gives record donation to Centraide Centre-du-Québec

Cascades and its employees managed to raise $525,000 for the organization, a whopping $165,000 more than last year.

“Each unit chose ambassadors to raise awareness of the cause. We owe this feat to their dedication and involvement, and also to the company’s decision to increase its contribution this year by generously matching the sum raised by the region’s employees,” said Jean Morin, first-time manager of CascadesCentraide Centre‑du‑Québec campaign. “Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to see just how wonderful and charitable the people in this organization are, and how much they do for the good of the entire community.”

Cascades said the management’s leadership on this has also been “remarkable, getting behind the cause year after year,” as well as “incredibly supportive and generous in encouraging employees to collect money from their co‑workers.”

 Mario Plourde about the donation of Cascades

“Cascaders should be proud of the difference they are making in thousands of people’s lives each day. When they give to Centraide, they are supporting a communal reciprocity movement that seeks to improve the lives of those in the greatest need,” added Mario Plourde, company president and CEO.

The units’ ambassadors organized unique activities and put together testimonials to increase awareness of the cause. The numbers speak for themselves: within Cascades, more than 1,000 employees make weekly donations to Centraide Centre-du-Québec, for an average weekly contribution of $4.60.

The organization’s mission is to end the cycle of poverty and isolation by taking action in areas that are likely to result in lasting and significant improvements in people’s lives, in partnership with local organizations.

“Donating to Centraide means helping the less fortunate regain control over their lives. Life has its hardships. And everyone goes through tough times,” said Isabelle Dionne, executive director of Centraide Centre‑du‑Québec.

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