Archroma’s new Color Finder tool helps papermakers find exactly the shade they need

Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, today announced the launch of a free online tool that allows paper and packaging industry customers to search for products within the company’s entire range of colorants.

Archroma’s new Color Finder tool helps papermakers find exactly the shade they need

Already known for its pioneering color management services for the textile industry, Archroma launches the Color Finder aimed to packaging, paper and tissue applications. This publicly available, web-based tool can quickly search Archroma’s global range of colors, plus selected local shades, to help spur inspiration in the most practical way possible. Customers can use it to search the company’s core range of colorant products and first see useful technical and application information. Developed using responsive design technology, the tool is easy to use on computers and mobile devices alike.
For each colorant, Archroma shows the CIELAB values, product performance (such as water-fastness, light-fastness, backwater, etc.), food-contact approvals, application recommendations, eco-label status, and offers shade card downloads.

Features and benefits include:

  • An innovative, user-friendly search tool;
  • A broad colorants range for packaging and paper applications;
  • Extensive technical information that draws on Archroma’s deep knowledge and expertise;
  • Eco label and food contact data that demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and leadership in this realm.
  • A good example of the final point relates to Archroma’s work to ensure compliance with the three major eco-labels – EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan and Blue Angel.

“We have undertaken considerable efforts in recent years to enhance our products further and to make them ever kinder for people and the environment and ensure regulatory compliance. Already, more than 80% of Archroma paper colorants included in the Color Finder today, fulfill the requirements of at least one eco-label. In addition we have invested in a continuing R&D program to ensure our products are fully compliant with the latest EU/BfR food contact regulations. As an example we have recently launched four new colorants which were reformulated to remove restricted additives such as DEA and TEA. These additions enhance our already extensive food contact range,” comments Simon Boyd, Product Manager Colorants, Packaging & Paper Specialties.

With a dedicated R&D team, Archroma is a leading company in developing patented and REACH-registered chemistries of anionic direct, cationic direct and modified basic liquid dyes, especially designed for paper applications. It remains one of the few companies with a complete range of colorants and an own manufacturing network in Europe, Asia, North and South America. “We believe the Color Finder to be a unique tool in the packaging and paper industry with regards to the depth of technical data and breadth of different colorants offered,” adds Boyd.

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