NCR Biochemical is an international supplier of papermaking chemicals and water treatments for the pulp and paper industry. Since 2009, thanks to the acquisition of Houghton European Paper Division (the “inventor” of the modern Yankee coating technology), we focused on the tissue industry, in particular the Yankee cylinder coating applications.


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Thanks to continuous research and development of new products, customer-driven culture, know-how of chemistry and experience on the field, we developed “state of the art” technologies and applied it on hundreds of tissue machines and almost in all continents. We work closely with tissue makers to improve efficiency and performance of the Yankee, guarantee the required paper characteristics, tackle the problems, reduce costs and reach the final goal of higher profit for them. Expansion and trust from tissue makers was built thanks to our approach called “Global Approach”.

We see it in three different ways:

  1. Scientific approach on the application.
  2. Development and protection of know-how.
  3. Worldwide coverage.

Scientific approach on the application

In NCR BIOCHEMICAL, being scientists means to study the production process in all of its parts, all of the operating parameters, the whole process, the pulp and water cycle. Those parameters, together with an accurate image of the heat exchange on the whole cylinder surface, complete all the necessary information to find the appropriate coating package and the adequate machine settings to meet the customer expectations. This scientific approach also helps to find out problems and allow our technicians to show to the customer the appropriate solution, which is made of a chemicals, creping settings and Yankee dryer operations, including:

  • Choice of the creping angles.
  • Creping blades selection.
  • Best pressure to be applied.
  • Choice of the ratio Yankee/hoods pression/temperatures.

Tissue makers can rely on a partner who has passion and commitment to study tissue production, is able to take care of the cylinder and the whole process, can modulate products and dosages according to the specific needs of the paper machine. It means that tissue makers can produce paper with constant quality and required characteristics. Moreover, the production is carried out without stops or problems and the mechanical interventions on the cylinder (rectifications, grinding, metallizing operations) are delayed over time, which means more cost savings and greater profits for our customers. The final goal is always to return the investment for our customers. This is what they need in order to stand out in the competitive paper market.

The specialists in papermaking chemicals

Yankee creping application with NCR technologies.

Development and protection of know-how

Wherever our customers are, whatever they do, our latest technologies are available for them. We have worldwide registration for many technologies and brand names, in particular the new series CYTREAT® and CYLUBE®.
The new CYTREAT® and CYLUBE® brands represents the most modern formulations in terms of quality, efficiency and compliance with the laws and with an eye on green chemistry and sustainability.

These product lines have been created to perform over the standards where Yankee cylinders and tissue makers ask the maximal performances from the process. In terms of performances the targets we focus on are mainly related to paper quality, production efficiency, energy and cost savings:

  • Excellent protection of the cylinder surface.
  • Best reaction of the coating package to production variations.
  • Paper sheet quality parameters at the highest targets.
  • Best crepe to stretch ratio.
  • Increased bulk, where required.
  • Higher stability to sheet moisture profile.
  • Very uniform sheet adhesion to the cylinder to minimize the drying energy.

These are the targets the customer is looking for and, in order to get best out of it, we collaborate closely with them to become partners rather than suppliers. The collaboration is the key to success for both, our customers and us.
The creping process is the real section where the tissue sheet characteristics are determined and “created”.

Our activity become extremely important to produce tissue paper within the quality parameters required:

  • Uniform sheet formation.
  • Uniform drying on all the paper width.
  • Uniform moisture profile.
  • Uniform grammage profile.
  • High frequency creped sheet to get softness without debonding the fibres.
  • Bulky toilet paper.
  • MD and CD Mechanical sheet characteristics at the highest value.

Those are the main parameters target of our activity in collaboration with tissue makers. In order to get the results, we work with a wide range of products which can be applied on every machine/cycle. This wide range of chemical, with different characteristics, are necessary because each production process is different from another, due to a lot of variables driving and influencing the production.

Lab analysis.

Worldwide coverage

Alessio Canfailla, Vice President of NCR Biochemical
Alessio Canfailla, Vice President of NCR Biochemical.

The demand and the production of tissue is worldwide. In order to be wherever our customers are, we had to build a worldwide coverage. We started from Italy, the heart of tissue production in Europe, in 2009. Then we expanded in Europe and the Mediterranean area, such as North Africa and Middle East. Then we reached Russia and China. Now, thanks to a network of subsidiaries and distributors, we cover also South America and South-East Asia. But the latest news is North America, on the most developed tissue markets. We joined forces with Paradigm Chemical and Consulting to form a strategic collaboration and bring NCR’s world class tissue and towel additives to the North American paper Industry. This industry changing partnership is unmatched in its product offerings, application expertise, and proven, cost-effective solutions for tissue and towel manufacturing across the globe. The agreement has been signed at the end of 2022 and already some key tissue producers in USA have trusted NCR – Paradigm team for the supply of Coating chemicals and are benefiting from the outstanding performance of NCR products and the unmatched expertise of NCR and Paradigm tissue specialist.


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