ANDRITZ to supply high-capacity P-RC APMP line to Jiangxi Five Star Paper, China

ANDRITZ to supply high-capacity P-RC APMP line to Jiangxi Five Star Paper, China
High-capacity and high-performance refining with the ANDRITZ TX68 refiner

ANDRITZ will install its well-proven P-RC APMP (Pre-Conditioning Refiner Chemical Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulp) technology to achieve optimum pulp quality at lowest energy consumption. The pulp will be used to produce folding boxboard (FBB) from eucalyptus wood chips as raw material. With a capacity of 1,500 admt/d the new fiberline will be the largest system worldwide based on a single-line concept with only one HC refiner as the heart of the process.

ANDRITZ will supply the main equipment – from chip washing to the storage tower – featuring the following highlights:

MSD Prime Impressafiner, type MSD600, for wood chip maceration to enable optimum chemical impregnation

TX68 twin refiner – the world’s largest high-consistency (HC) refiner – including an advanced feeding system for continuous high throughput, consistently high pulp quality and lowest energy consumption.

– Three ANDRITZ COMPACT PRESS units to enable high discharge consistency and superior washing efficiency after bleaching

– Several PrimeScreens X with an innovative PrimeRotor for top performance in primary and reject screening at minimum energy consumption

The scope of supply also includes the basic engineering as well as supervision of mechanical installation, commissioning and start-up.

About Jiangxi Five Star Paper

Jiangxi Five Star Paper is specialized in the production of specialty paper. It has been part of Quzhou Wuzhou Special Paper Co. Ltd., one of China’s largest food wrapping paper producers, since 2015.

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