ANDRITZ completes the world’s largest P-RC APMP production system at Jiangsu Bohui Paper Industry, China

ANDRITZ completes the world’s largest P-RC APMP production system at Jiangsu Bohui Paper Industry, China
ANDRITZ TX68 refiner with newly developed feeding system.

ANDRITZ has received the Final Acceptance Certificate from Jiangsu Bohui Paper Industry Co., Ltd in Yancheng, Dafeng, China, for its chemi-thermo-mechanical pulping system. With a total capacity of 2,250 admt/d, this system is the largest worldwide.

ANDRITZ installed its well-proven P-RC APMP (Pre-Conditioning Refiner Chemical Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulp) technology to ensure optimum pulp quality in terms of high bulk and low shive content at lowest energy consumption and highest availability. The system processes eucalyptus wood chips for the production of folding boxboard (specifically coated ivory board), and consists of the world’s largest single P-RC APMP fiberline with a capacity of 1,500 admt/d and a second fiberline with a capacity of 750 admt/d.

The ANDRITZ TX68 refiner with an advanced feeding system is the centerpiece of the process and the latest innovation in high-consistency (HC) refining. The new feeding system combines the proven concepts of ANDRITZ’s Side Entry Plug Feeder (SEPF) with a Constant Feeder (C-Feeder) on each side of the twin refiner. The “DoubleSEPF” feed system ensures constant chip feeding and excellent steam control thanks to the exact and adjustable split of incoming wood chips and thus by far exceeds the capacities so far achieved with a single HC refiner.

ANDRITZ also supplied basic engineering, supervision of mechanical installation, training, commissioning and start-up services. The latest ANDRITZ Metris IIoT technologies feature a connection to the ANDRITZ DCS system to collect and analyze statistical mill data for continuous optimization of both fiberlines.

Jin Xiaoshan, Production Manager at Jiangsu Bohui Paper Industry confirms: “The Final Acceptance Certificate was achieved in superior cooperation, even in the challenging situation of Covid-19. Our ANDRITZ key contacts in Europe provided professional and efficient remote support. At the same time, we were able to count on highly committed and experienced engineers from ANDRITZ China on site. We are very proud of our folding boxboard production line with its P-RC APMP fiberlines and the excellent performance already achieved.”

Jiangsu Bohui Paper Industry Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Bohui Paper Industrial Co., Ltd., a listed company established in 1994 that focuses on the production of ivory board, culture paper, linerboard, paper for gypsum plasterboard, and market pulp for the papermaking industry.

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