Voith’s EdgeExpert saves 4% virgin fibers at Smurfit Kappa

The use of EdgeExpert makes it possible for paper manufacturers to precisely adjust the web edge of paper layers right from the headbox.

Voith’s EdgeExpert saves 4% virgin fibers at Smurfit Kappa

This unique concept developed by Voith guides the high-quality virgin fibers right back into the material cycle. EdgeExpert can be used for both single- as well as multi-layer machines. Without EdgeExpert, the entire web edge of the high-quality pulp layer is removed after the couching step, and then it is no longer possible for the high-quality pulp to be reused in the best quality layer.

In the end, paper manufacturers can save raw materials worth much more than 100,000 € per year by adjusting the web edge with Edge Expert and the return directly after the headbox. An investment in EdgeExpert pays for itself after just a few months. Olivier Adt, Production manager at Smurfit Kappa, is convinced of the new EdgeExpert after the experiences with the PM 5 in Biganos, France: “We have been using the new system for several weeks now and have already been able to save 4% of white virgin fibers in the top layer. In addition, since the installation, we have benefited from the exact seal with the forming wire, without any pulp projection. There are also no fiber deposits on the system, thanks to the well-designed nozzles, allowing us to keep a very good uptime of the paper machine.”

The technology of EdgeExpert is based on a specially developed design and results in a homogeneous jet even in the edge area. A perfect seal to the wire side helps to keep the wire edge as clean as possible and makes for a precise web edge. This not only makes the threading into the press section easier later on, but at the same time minimizes contamination and machine downtimes as well. Moreover, EdgeExpert consumes very little water thanks to the design of the nozzles.

In addition, the edge width can be independently varied from zero to 120 millimeters on both sides and set while production is running. This increases flexibility in paper production. The first models of EdgeExpert are already in use in three machines in Europe and South America.

It is easy and cost-effective to retrofit existing machines with EdgeExpert – regardless of the original machine manufacturer. The assembly process only takes a few hours during a scheduled downtime. Moreover, the easily operable swivel device makes it very easy to exchange the forming fabric.

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