Voith will provide two complete BlueLine OCC systems for China customer’s overseas project

Voith will provide two complete BlueLine OCC systems for China customer’s overseas project
Voith BlueLine OCC system is taking sustainable and efficient paper production to a next level.

Jingxing Paper, a listed Chinese papermaking company, selected Voith Paper to provide two complete stock preparation systems for its greenfield mill in Malaysia. Voith will provide the full scope of BlueLine OCC systems as a full-line supplier, including automation and Papermaking 4.0 products. The two Voith BlueLine OCC systems will be AOCC furnished and are scheduled for startup at the end of 2021, with a combined capacity of 2,400 tons/day.

“The internationalization of our paper and pulp business is a strategic decision in response to the challenges of a raw material shortage. We believe that our investment in Malaysia, a destination with rich natural resources and great geographic location, will help to optimize the raw material supply chain,” stated the representative from Jingxing Paper.

This project marks the first time Jingxing Paper has initiated a partnership with Voith for an entire OCC system. With exceptional results in quality, yield and energy consumption, the Voith BlueLine OCC has established numerous references worldwide. For a decade, Voith Paper has provided approximately 80 complete stock preparation systems to the Asian market, with half being OCC systems. In China, Voith dominates the OCC systems’ market with a share over 50%. Jingxing Paper is convinced by the track records and proven performance of the Voith BlueLine OCC and preferred Voith as the partner for its first overseas project in SEA.

The order is indicative of Chinese paper mills’ strategic adjustment to go international. As a full-line supplier, Voith is poised to help Jingxing Paper minimize the challenges and maximize the opportunities associated with overseas expansion. First, the reduced interfaces will ensure a smoother project implementation, perfectly aligned equipment and a robust process, as well as service over the lifetime of the line. Second, partnering with a technology company like Voith will help the papermaker to retain skills and transfer knowledge, especially for a newly established plant. With Voith OCC systems’ proven design, engineering and automation, the customer will be able to promote a stable and optimized production.

Paper manufacturers are benefiting from the growing importance of paper as an environmentally friendly product. With the BlueLine stock preparation units and XcelLine paper machines, Voith is taking sustainable and efficient paper production to the next level. As Jingxing Paper puts it: “We aim to gain a competitive edge by exploring more potentials in an efficient and sustainable papermaking process. We looked for a team with market insights and technology expertise, and Voith is the one.”

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