Valmet’s breast roll shaker improves board and paper quality

Valmet’s breast roll shaker improves board and paper quality

Valmet has introduced its new FormMaster 120 for board and paper machine forming sections. It has proven to offer better board and paper quality with a smoother surface and better printability with reduced raw material costs and lower power consumption.

Improved formation and strength properties

Valmet’s new FormMaster 120 improves paper and board formation through even longer strokes and higher shaking force than its predecessor. This self-balancing breast roll shaker can achieve the same strength properties with a lower basis weight, improving the visual appearance of the final product.

With an axial shaking force of 120 kN – double that of the original FormMaster – the new FormMaster 120 improves strength properties and formation by optimizing fiber web structure on the wire. FormMaster 120 makes it possible to use less refining energy, minimize starch usage and reduce calendering, while still achieving the same final quality of board and paper.

Best stroke length on the market

“FormMaster 120 is an excellent tool for paper machine operators to optimize the properties of their board and paper. The extended stroke length, achieved with this new breast roll shaker, is key to improved formation and available with a wide range of shaking frequencies,” says Pekka Hirsilä, Product Sales Manager at Valmet.

Maintenance issues were also addressed in the design of FormMaster 120 by improving access to the main maintenance points. Customers all over the world have found FormMaster 120 safe, easy and reliable to use and maintain.

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