Valmet targets to grow with improved profitability

Valmet targets to grow with improved profitability

Valmet’s mission is to convert renewable resources into sustainable results. The company develops and supplies competitive process technology, services and automation to the pulp, paper and energy industries.

Valmet is committed to moving its customers’ performance forward with its unique offering.

Valmet’s vision is to become the global champion in serving its customers. Valmet seeks growth with improved profitability in pulp, paper and energy industries.

Strategy implementation through Must-Win initiatives

Valmet implements its strategy through four Must-Win initiatives: customer excellence, leader in technology and innovation, excellence in processes, and winning team.

In customer excellence Valmet has launched its new service concept, Valmet Way to Serve. Further it targets to grow with new customers and regions and strengthens ongoing sales management initiatives. In leader in technology, Valmet continues to develop leading technology and to reduce product costs.

Valmet’s comprehensive industrial internet solutions and focused R&D work enhance its technological leadership. Valmet invests in a new ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system to support process improvements aiming at operational excellence. Nurturing shared values and continuing globalization of its capabilities are important factors in building winning team.

Comment from Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet

“Since the demerger, we have strengthened our offering and market position. We have also succeeded to reach good results in our internal efficiency programs. As a result of our actions, we reached our EBITA-margin target range in 2015 and we have decided to set higher, more demanding financial targets.

We will continue to implement our strategy with our four Must-Win initiatives. We are focusing on improving our customer excellence further with our new service concept. We also continue to concentrate on process improvement, and our ongoing ERP investment is a good example of that. We are aiming at becoming the global champion in serving our customers,” says Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet.

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