Valmet renews its services approach

Valmet renews its services approach

Valmet has renewed its services offering and unified its way to serve to enable better customer experience and growth in the services business.

“Our vision is to become the global champion in serving our customers. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve both our services offering and also the way we actually meet our targeted customer service level. After adding automation and related services to our offering in 2015, the natural next step was to start unifying our services offering and way to serve our customers. We see that our new approach, called “Shared Journey Forward”, is a concrete step towards our vision,” says Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet.

After the renewal, Valmet’s whole services offering is easy to understand and to choose from. The services are restructured under three categories: reliability services, performance services, and new technology upgrades. Furthermore, Valmet develops further its global expertise network and way to serve the customers both online and close by.

The core commitments Valmet is making to its customers are keeping safety as number one priority, being close to the customers, serving customers with solutions meeting their needs and having people to whom customers can trust.

“The commitments we give to our customers reflect also our priorities. We never compromise safety and continuously develop our safety culture and procedures. Being close to customers means both that we are globally present with over 100 service centers and we utilize industrial internet in helping our customers remotely. We listen to our customers in order to find the best solution for particular customer needs and we work hard every day to earn our customers’ trust,” says Jukka Tiitinen, President of Services Business Line.

Valmet’s services offering is built to improve reliability and performance of customers’ processes and also bring in new technology to keep the processes up-to-date in the changing business environment.

Jukka Tiitinen about Valmet’s renewed services

“In addition to strong individual services products our solutions are built to bring concrete benefits to our customers. Our reliability services keep the equipment and processes running smoothly. We can even take responsibility for maintenance and on-site services and inventory management. With performance services our customers can achieve reduced energy and raw material costs, reduced process variability, optimized quality and production, and enhanced environmental performance. Furthermore, adding new technology to the process at the right time keeps production competitive and helps to take the production to the next level,” describes Jukka Tiitinen Valmet’s renewed services offering.

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