Valmet introduces new visible imaging system for pulp mill lime kilns

Valmet introduces new visible imaging system for pulp mill lime kilns
Visible Thermal Imaging System.

Valmet has launched a new Visible Thermal Imaging System, which provides the highest quality lime kiln process monitoring for pulp mills. Combining the camera temperature information with process controls can improve combustion optimization and reburned lime quality, and reduce emissions. The system also allows visual evaluation of flame shape, size, and temperature profile. Reduced maintenance costs and greater visibility during start-up and full load conditions can also be achieved.

The Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System is a rugged, air-cooled, HD visible camera paired with a high-resolution thermal sensor for real-time product temperature measurements. Designed for comprehensive observation and analysis of kiln environments, the camera system provides unparalleled image quality from start-up to full load conditions.

“There has been a very positive and enthusiastic use of this camera system during the initial pilot cases, most especially in observing and tuning the kiln burner flame during operation and start-up. It is exciting to see such an active customer engagement in using the camera features to monitor and improve their processes,” says Rodeo Winchell, Product Manager, Automation, Valmet.

The highest definition visible sensor results in superior image quality

Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging Systems are engineered for durability and longevity inside of hot, dusty environments, providing a low maintenance solution to many complex process challenges. Optional automatic retraction hardware protects the camera from overheating in the cooling air loss. Digital-only data transmission improves the reliability of video streams, eliminating unwanted noise or image signal degradation.

The Valmet Visible Thermal Viewer software combines the HD visible image with a high-resolution thermal sensor array. With up to eight customizable regions of interest for calculating temperature, users have full control over their data. Coupled with a user-friendly interface, it is simple to record images, view historical data trends, and configure temperature threshold alerts.

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