The Global Forest Industry This Quarter

The Global Forest Industry This Quarter

Excerpts from the 2Q 2015 issue of the Wood Resource Quarterly.

• Sawlog prices fell and the GSPI Index was down 1.5% q-o-q. Lower prices in 15 of the 19 regions covered by the WRQ.

• Softwood and hardwood fiber prices fell in most regions around the world. The hardwood fiber price index (HFPI) was down 10.0% from the 2Q/15, while the SFPI fell 8.4%.

• Global trade of lumber were up in the 1H/15 as compared to the 1H/14 with the biggest increases in import volumes occurring in the US and the UK. Lumber prices were down in most markets worldwide during the 2Q/15.

• Exports of wood pellets from North America fell in the 1Q/15. Pellet prices in Europe were at their lowest levels in three years.

Special report in the current WRQ issue: Global trade of softwood logs in the first half of 2015.

Also, quarterly prices for sawlogs, pulpwood, wood chips, pellets and lumber from around the world.

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