Ten Toscotec tissue machines up and running at Vinda’s Sanjiang mill

Ten Toscotec tissue machines up and running at Vinda’s Sanjiang mill

Vinda Paper (China) Co., Ltd. in Sanjiang mill, Jiangmen, has started up two new Toscotec’s machines, TM 9 & 10. Both machines are AHEAD-2.0M with a design speed of 1,800 mpm.

TM10 is the 21st machine supplied by Toscotec to Vinda.

Vinda’s Sanjiang mill in Guangdong province has now ten Toscotec tissue machines of different models and configurations. Considering the start-ups of TM9 and TM10, the Chinese producer has achieved startup of all 10 machines in less than four years. This is a testament to the outstanding growth and sustained progress of the Vinda Group, and to Toscotec’s strategic development of customized design and state-of-the-art solutions for energy reduction.

Furthermore, on June 20, Vinda Paper (Shandong) Co., Ltd. fired up one AHEAD-1.5M ES tissue machine, which is already running at the speed of 1,500 mpm. The machine, which is the fourth installed in the Shandong mill, has a design speed of 1,700 mpm and a net web width of 3,400 mm. The AHEAD-1.5M tissue machine installs Toscotec’s second generation Steel Yankee Dryer TT SYD, steam-heated hoods and large suction press roll (with a diameter of 1425 mm).

About the Toscotec’s tissue machine technology

Based on the remarkable results of previous projects, Vinda Group has once again chosen to invest in Toscotec’s tissue machine technology, which benefits from a comprehensive energy-saving concept, the TT DOES (Drying Optimization for Energy Saving) package.
A part from TM4, Vinda’s Shandong mill hosts other three Toscotec-supplied machines: TM1 & 2 are AHEAD-1.5S ES, steadily running at 1500 m/min and TM3, identical to TM4, started-up last November, is now running at 1,600 mpm.

Vinda Group’s production capacity has reached over 1 million t/y now.

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