Sofidel buys 4 Gambini lines for Europe and USA

Sofidel buys 4 Gambini lines for Europe and USA
Gambini site 1 in Italy.

Between April, 2018 and May, 2019, Sofidel bought and started – for some of its US-based plants – 4 tissue paper converting lines manufactured by Gambini.

Today, 4 more lines are going to join those first 4, thus confirming Sofidel’s appreciation of Gambini’s technical quality and its trust in them as technological partners: a collaboration which has been binding for years these two companies, both established and proudly kept in Lucca, Italy.

The first supply from 2018-2019 was made of one consumer line and three Away-from-Home ones, all equipped with TouchMax – Gambini’s state-of-the-art embosser/laminator – and designed to get to 700 m/min of production speed; they were installed in Oklahoma, Ohio and Nevada (USA). As regards this second supply – spanning between May, 2020 and January, 2021 –, three lines are destined to Sofidel’s newly-built plants in Circleville, OH and Inola, OK; the fourth, instead, is going to be started up in Ciechanów, Poland, thus marking the first time a line of Gambini’s is installed in a European plant of Sofidel’s.

These 4 lines, as well – which make 8 the total number of Gambini’s Flex and ProFlex lines purchased by Sofidel –, can produce consumer products; they also feature a TouchMax each; one of them runs at 600 m/min, while three can reach 700 m/min.

Gambini designs and manufactures technologically advanced tissue paper converting lines, used for both the consumer and the Away-from-Home markets. Founded near Lucca in 1870, today the company has 160 employees, 3 production plants located in Italy and a US-based branch; they have sold more than 125 lines and performed over 145 retrofit projects.

The Sofidel Group, established in 1966, today is one of the global leaders in tissue paper production: toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins and handkerchiefs. Its most famous brand is Regina, available worldwide in many markets. From its headquarters located in Porcari, close to Lucca, Sofidel coordinates the operations of 17 companies, in Europe and United States, which produce each year more than 1.3 million tons of paper and employ more than 6,400 people.

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