REPLUS TISSUE, a new company is born

REPLUS TISSUE, a new company is born

Designing tissue plants that constitute effective answers to customers’ specific needs, looking ahead towards a sustainable future with a low environmental impact; combining together energy, mechanics, automation and the environment by building something that was unimaginable before is possible today.

REPLUS TISSUE’s greatest strength is the continuous improvement of efficiency in every part of the process, in an increasingly competitive market where it has chosen to distinguish itself by listening to the needs of customers and innovating in the realm of environmental sustainability. “We express the view about our company and our ability to create PLUS through 4 words that best characterize us: Purpose, Line, Unity, Strategy. Today we propose the first, Purpose.”

PURPOSE – The strength of know-how, the flexibility of strategic solutions

A new company is born, built on solid foundations of longstanding experience and expertise in mechanics, in the process, and in energy savings, for the design and manufacture of plants for the production of tissue paper. REPLUS TISSUE is not just services and products: it is design strategy, it is understanding customer needs and a creative vision of effective technical solutions.

Strong of its long-standing experience in mechanics, aerothermia, automation and electrification, REPLUS TISSUE today spans from the building of plants, designed based on the specific needs of every individual customer, to technical and process solutions in complete synergy with automation, that move the boundaries of technology and of research forward, opening up new roads to tread.

REPLUS TISSUE is new, but its history comes from long-standing tradition: from the abilities of Itangelo Spagnoli and Andrea Poleschi of EIL, that since 1980 has been offering the field of paper technological innovation and technical support in the electrical domain; and from the thirty-year experience of the Michelini family in the field of technology for tissue machines and plants.

The professionalism of the people, the ability to build solid entities in the course of the years, and the desire to meet new challenges in order to grow are the three pillars on which REPLUS TISSUE is today building the future of the field.

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