PMP’s TM1 at Hebei Jinboshi Group (China) has been brought on stream

PMP signed a contract with Hebei Jinboshi Group CO., LTD. for the delivery of (2) Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc lines. TM1 has started-up smoothly and easily and as a result the first paper at reel appeared on 21st June 2017 in the afternoon of the local time.

PMP’s TM1 at Hebei Jinboshi Group (China) has been brought on stream

TM1 is characterized with 3650mm reel trim, operating speed of 1200 m/min, daily capacity 75 t/d and a basis weight of 12.5-25 gsm. The PMP’s scope of supply covered the single layer Intelli-Jet V® Hydraulic Headbox, 4-roll Intelli-Former® CF, compact Intelli-Press®, 12ft Steel Intelli-YD®, Intelli-Hood® and Intelli-Reel®.

In addition, PMP provided mechanical drives, electrical drives, lubrication system, Steam & Condensate system and the PLC. The PMP team also provided erection supervision and technological start-up.

This project is based on a PMP’s Integrated Tissue Mill concept, which means 2 machines (left-hand and right-hand) in the same building, a shared control room as well as a common warehouse. The same model of right and left hand machines layout in one building is the most compact solution and the two machines can share a common spare parts base. As a result, both space and costs are saved as well as number of personnel required to run the installations. At the same time high production flexibility plays a significant role in achieving top installations effectiveness. The start-up of the second machine is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2017.

About Hebei Jinboshi Group

Hebei Jinboshi Group Co., Ltd is a professional tissue-making enterprise, located in Baoding, Hebei Province (established in July 2000). Jinboshi Group produces high-quality toilet paper, facial paper and napkin under brand “Golden doctor”, “Qinqin jiaren” and was awarded as “famous brand enterprise of Hebei Province”. Company keeps providing high-level products and service to customers with high efficiency. Ambitious goals and implementation of the best solutions available on the market heat a dynamic growth.

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