Papcel to supply technological parts for Mariyski CBK in Russia

Papcel signed a contract to supply technological parts for PM 1 for Mariyski CBK in Russia. New parts were constructed for the speed of 800m/min.

Papcel to supply technological parts for Mariyski CBK in Russia

The existing press part, consisting of 4 continuous presses with felts on bottom rolls, was completely replaced with a new press part, consisting of a combi press with 2 nips in the first position (picking up from the wire part with help of a pick up roll) and a press with a bottom and top felts in the position of the second press.

About the new press part

The new press part was supplied as a complete set, including a supporting structure, press and guide rolls, doctors, felt washing, stretching, automatic regulation of felt run, water offtake tanks, service bridges. Washing of all the felts is done using low-pressure and high-pressure oscillation tubes, cleaning of felts surface is assured by section tubes with ceramic lining.

Besides the press part, Papcel realized an overall completion of the wire table and a modification of the machine drying part where it is installing new stabilization boxes, doctors for drying rolls and drying fabric stretching. The machine MCC system was completely modified within new supplies.

Papcel is a Czech company which produces machines and technological equipment for the paper industry.

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